Sunday, October 4, 2009

for the fam...

This post is for my family...the ones who don't get a chance to see us regularly and appreciate a glimpse into our lives through my blog. I am a bit addicted to taking pictures of Berlyn lately. These photos were all taken last week of my baby girl at 5 weeks (how she changes daily!)...and there are also a few more of our family tossed in here and there.

big brother bray

Grandma Schrieber (many say Brooke looks just like her!)

yes, she has a bow in her hair!
(brooke was bald for the first 18 months of her life)
as much as i loved brookie's little bald head, i am loving all of berlyn's little head of hair.
daddy time
Bray in his new shirt from Grammy Jo
(you can tell he is thrilled to be interrupted from his DS to have a picture taken)
Brooke...or is it Hannah Montana...or is it Snow White?
(these days you never know)
Brooke's latest fashion craze has been wearing her skirts as halter tops or strapless dresses
(she does this often.)
lil' fashion diva

big sis givin' some lovin' (and a bit of smotherin' too)

all with good intentions...
brookie in the mornin'

a little grin. every day she wants and tries to smile more and more.
she is very responsive to my voice and often tries to "talk" back to me.
(I'm all ears baby girl!)
so many faces...
in one little girl...

daddy and brayden
(daddy had just given brayden a haircut because the following day was picture day at school)

and here are my little loves...all three of them
I must be honest...There are many a day I feel overwhelmed. Like I just move from task to task to task, doing laundry, feeding, cleaning, cooking, taking kids to and from school, dance, soccer, etc. and all the while feeling sleep-deprived, like I have no time to myself, and I am barely keeping my head above water. I feel I am doing so much- but none of it well. That I am trying my best, but it is hardly good enough. It's easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life, to move from task to task (always thinking about what needs to be done next) that I often forget to soak in the "now." I know this is not the abundant life or the peace God wants for me. Then there are moments like tonight that I get a hug or extra affection from one of my babies..and I stop, look into their faces and realize I need to purposefully savor these moments. The laundry can wait. The house can be dirty. Children...a gift from the Lord. Time...a gift not to be wasted. I am learning to juggle and balance this new transition in life and all that it brings...knowing that this is just a season. And through this all I need to just breathe... and with intention, seek out and soak in the blessings of "today."

feeling very much aware that
I am still clay...a work in progress...still being shaped...


  1. Your posts touch my heart. Mainly because I can relate to so much that you write about. I relate and value your feeling biggest complaint is that there are never enough hours and I am always so afraid I am going to miss the really important stuff because I am too busy focusing on all of the "not so important" cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. Working full-time and being a full time mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc. isn't always I do as you do...remind myself to breath, take in today, and let the "small stuff" go!!! Gosh I miss you! Maybe one of these days I will get to bring my family up there for a visit:) I pray you have a wonderful day "today"!

  2. Can I just say, here and now, how very much I love your heart.

    Cause I really, really, REALLY do.

  3. I agree with BeckyJo...What a beautiful heart you have! And though you may feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times, you handle motherhood and tasks with such grace and beauty, and you leave your unique fingerprint on it all. Its a joy to watch, really.

    And what a little beauty that baby is. No wonder you're addicted to taking pictures. I take so many too..I just don't want to forget these moments!
    So much love and prayers coming your way!

  4. I thought I already posted a comment on this BLOG -- must have been "thinking" about it and never followed through. Missed seeing you on Tuesday. Missed Berlyn. Missed Brooke. Hugs and kisses would have been the highlight of my day! Olive Juice, Mama Jo