Saturday, October 3, 2009

Held together...

Observing Brooke playing has been amusing....this is what I found yesterday.
A Cinderella Polly Pocket saran-wrapped and scotch-taped to Lando the Star Wars Character.
How could I not take a picture of this? This girl cracks me up sometimes.
Lately she has been obsessed with two things:
marriage and saran wrap. Let me explain...

She loves looking at Darcy and my wedding photos and asking us about our wedding. She often asks if we will get married again because she wants to be there (and she wants to see us kiss). She asks where she was when we got married and doesn't quite understand the concept that she wasn't yet conceived. In her little 4 year old mind, life is still all about princes and princesses.

She also loves using saran wrap now that we are at Grandpa and Grandma's. They have a huge industrial-sized roll that is user-friendly and within kids reach. She often gets into the cabinet and tears out a piece for her own convenience...ya know, to cover up a dixie cup filled with water to store in the refrigerator for future thirst quenching moments or to wad in a ball and tape to a piece of paper hanging on the cabinet door. Saran wrap is multi-useful around here.

So why not use it to hold the Polly Princess and her Lando Prince together too?

If only marriage and real life could be held together simply by using a little saran wrap and scotch tape? Now wouldn't that be something...


  1. That is funny ... ya gotta wonder what goes through their minds sometimes!

  2. Oh that is just priceless! I LOVE that girl to pieces. I am sure going to miss having her in class on Sundays not that she's a big 4 year old!

  3. Saran Wrap is the more feminine approach to duct tape. Hugs and kissds to Brookie and her cellophane, fairy-land imagination.

  4. How much we can learn through the eyes of children! After reading about Brayden's mistake and now Brooke, your children are simply amazing! And they are a reflection of the love they experience from you and Darcy. Thanks for sharing these most wonderful stories:)