Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life in a week...

This post is pretty random...a bunch of photos taken throughout the past week of us just living life. I know with Halloween around the corner, I'll have several posts full of pics from the kids' school parties, parades and fun that will overshadow the "nothing special" moments of our week...
but often these "nothing special" moments are the ones engraved on our hearts the most...
so they are worth sharing.
Brayden's birthday was a month ago, but since we have been living at Grandpa and Grandma's, we forgot to measure him on our growth chart (we do this every birthday). The last time I went back to our house, I removed the growth chart from the wall and brought it back with me.
Here are a couple pics of us measuring and recording Brayden's height at age 6.

(of course Brookie wanted to be re-measured too).

These next 2 photos are the Lego creations Brayden has proudly displayed on his bedroom floor.
He pointed out that one of the scenes is "Darth Maul fighting Obi Wan and Annikan"
(that's exactly what i was thinking)
He even handwrote a sign that says : Lego Star Wars
(how cute is that?)
And below is another creation of who knows what. I told him it reminded me of Disney World because there is Mickey Mouse, a dinosaur from DinoLand, jungle animals that could be from Animal Kingdom, the CARS characters and a train going around the park.
I love this little guy. Having a son surely melts one's heart. I love random things about he is my snuggler, how he eats an entire apple, including the core, and then saves me all of the seeds so that we can plant them in the ground and grow our own apple he comes home from school, climbing off of the bus with his jacket on (unknowingly and completely inside out...on several occasions)...How he unabashedly and constantly sings songs he has learned in school...belting them out at home, in the car or at a much that now I know these songs by heart and catch myself singing them throughout the day too, even when he is not around. ("Can you Bake a Cake, Can you Cook a T-Bone Steak, Can you Make a Chocolate Mountain, Can you Make an Icecream shake? Can you Boil a Cup of water, Do the Dishes Like you Ought-to, Can you Bake a Cake?"
Oh, the First Grade melodies are so catchy and addicting to sing! :)

He is thoughtful and considerate...always wanting to give gifts and draw pictures for others.

Here he is proudly displaying a picture he drew for Mrs. Blanzy, his kindergarten teacher from last year.
It says "I miss you. I hope you miss me too." He also brought her an apple he picked at the orchard. He regularly draws pictures for his first grade teacher too (Mrs. Querro)...and brought her a pumpkin gourd and an apple as well. He's a lover and a giver.
(it was his idea to make sure we got a picture of the backside too :)
And I should mention that he is a little cutie. Just today at his Halloween Party, the other 1st Grade teacher approached me and said, "Are you Brayden's Mom?"..."Oh, he is so cute; you are in trouble when he gets older...all the girls already love him...even some of the girls in my class are always talking about him and how they want to play with him on recess...He has such a sweet nature and fun spirit about him..."
It made my heart smile.
Here we have brooke showing off one of her drawings (the hat she is wearing).
"still life" sketches at age 4
I posted this photo on FB (undoctored) and Jenni Button commented "protector." I took her advice and played with it. Thanks Jenni...good idea! What a protector he is.
This little one surely adores him. He takes good care of us...
bringing home flowers for his girls.
just because...
(this means the world to brooke...and it makes me feel pretty special too)
watching a little Tom and Jerry together
(cute quiet still moment...had to capture it)

And here Brooke is showing me the "poucons" she cut out for me...
Yes, "pou-cons"
I was laughing so hard because she knew it didn't sound right when it came out of her mouth, but she kept repeating it, trying to figure out why it sounded wrong.
Later that day she figured out it was "coupons" and we had a good giggle together.

I came home from running errands one day and was really scared when I pulled into the driveway because I saw all of these ghosts in our trees! But then I realized they were just friendly ghosts (whew!)
Daddy and the kids had fun decorating outside for Halloween. We really wanted to make a scarecrow but never got around to it. Next year I am determined to make time...we are definitely doing that as a family!
And last but not least...there is a cluster of trees in the front yard that look so pretty in the morning. I noticed this last year when I would drive Brayden to the bus stop...and this fall is no exception. Of course this photo does no justice, I didn't touch the coloring, and it is a tad dark, but the sun shines on the center tree in this cluster and just illuminates it so's aways the same tree that is is breathtaking and makes me just stop and stare and soak it in. It looks as if the sky has opened up and a slice of heaven is shining down.
Beauty that can only be God's creation...His awesome handiwork.

There's really no other explanation for it.

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