Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pieces of our week...

berlyn turned 7 weeks on tuesday.

she's becoming more predictable and growing cuter by the day.

we were pleasantly surprised to receive this beautiful quilt in the mail...
made with love by great gram.
this is very special to me. both brayden and brooke also have quilts made by my grandma.
i love the "holly hobby" doll on this one...goes well with her crib bedding, etc.
here's brayden proud of the stack of towels he folded.
he was on a roll that day...doing chores
(incentive: the allowance he was earning)
*(when he first learned to do this i promised him a penny for every washcloth he folded, a nickel for every hand towel and a dime for every bath towel...this got expensive quickly!)
in general, i'm enjoying watching brayden become more independent and responsible. it's nice to not have to give so many reminders and to watch him take care of himself, his belongings and be a team player in our family. he is doing so well in school this year and we are very proud of him in many ways. it's nice for him to come home from school and when i ask him how his day was, he often says "it was really really good." genuine and honest. this is a nice change from last year where we struggled so much in the first few months of school.
the boys happy to see eachother after a long day...

brookie was sick earlier this week...
with the lovely hand, foot, mouth funk.
she ran a fever and was extra tired, a bit lethargic and not quite herself.
i know something is wrong when my always hot 4 year old complains of being cold.
grandpa getting his berlyn fix
here i think berlyn was thinking "there is no escape from my ever-helpful sister."

i was trying to get a shot of berlyn on our bed...she got fussy, so i picked her up to comfort her and playfully took a couple pics of us in my full length mirror. they turned out kinda cool in an unplanned candid way...different.

brooke's growing up so fast...been a real joy this week. we've had a lot of fun and one-on-one time together. we've both been eating it up. i have been really impressed with her artistic and creative abilities...she literally shocks me sometimes with the things she does, draws, or creates. she has got a very creative flare in her bones that is already so evident in her tender age of 4. i'm going to enjoy watching this blossom and develop as she grows.
because darcy worked so many evenings this week, he was able to take part of today off. it was nice to have him around...to see and participate in our morning routine, getting brayden off to school, etc. plus, berlyn slept last night till 6am so we had a decent night's sleep and it felt like a saturday all day...very refreshing. we went to the gym together, ran a couple of errands and had breakfast and lunch together. he liked hanging with his girls all day...and we liked having him here too.
and again berlyn says..."this is getting old. mommy, rescue me!"
"okay...better now in these arms."


  1. Love that sweet little Berlyn. Love the mirror shots, did you set up your camera? Nice!

  2. thanks kel...no, i just held camera in my one free hand and snapped a few shots at the mirror. i probably couldn't do it again if i tried. i'm not good at aiming...but got lucky that time around :)

  3. aren't those unplanned moments of family time the best? it sure is a blessing when you get to soak in extra moments with your love:)
    and j...oh i just love, love the mirror shots. breathtaking.
    and brookie is looking so grown up these days. I just love that girls smile...it lights up the room.