Friday, October 2, 2009

some mistakes are cute...

Brayden came home from school and I asked him how his day was...Here is our conversation:

Mom: "How was your day Brayden?"
Bray: "Well, the beginning of my day was not so good."
Mom: "What happened?"
Bray: (hesitantly) "Well, I kinda made a mistake."
Mom: "Can you tell me about it?"
Bray: "So, I accidentally called Mrs. Querro Mom...and everybody started laughing at me! And then I did it again, and everyone laughed at me and I started crying."
Mom (after some words of comfort): "So what did Mrs. Querro say when this happened?"
Bray: "She said 'Everyone makes mistakes!'"
Bray: "But then Victor did something to cheer me up, and I was laughing so hard!"
Mom: "What did Victor do to cheer you up?"
Bray: "He told me that one time he called Mrs. Dawson Grandma!"

sweet. innocent. wish all our mistakes were this cute!


  1. Haven't we all done that?!

    PS - LOVE the song playin on your site. Made me cry!

  2. the whole cd is great, but this song i just love! inspires me to be a good mom and makes me think of my own mom and sisters...some of my BEST days were simple ones with all of them.

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  4. i have tears from laughter and tears from fond memories -- your MAMA JO loves you so much!!