Monday, October 12, 2009

We are all adjusting to living with Grandpa and Grandma these days. Brayden and Brooke have been enjoying their bedrooms.
Brayden keeps all of his special "lego" creations on the floor in his bedroom, as well as his "coins" he has earned from doing chores, etc. His room has become the "safe spot" for all sacred things.
( i took a couple of photos, but had some technical difficulties pulling them up on this computer where they are saved)...
Brookie is enjoying her room as well. Today after her bath, she just crawled into her bed and stayed cuddled up in her towel and covers for about half an hour.
I can't wait till Berlyn goes into her crib. She is so noisy at night...always grunting and keeping us awake during those times. It's amazing something so little can produce so much noise.
Brooke's a pretty sound sleeper, so hopefully Berlyn won't keep her awake at night.
We found this 1950's pink milk cart on craigslist last year. I haven't done anything with it yet, and just temporarily threw a couple of frames on there till I figure out what to do, but I do love this piece. (I was hoping it was going to be long enough to use as a changing table, but it is not). For now it holds a basket for diapers and wipes and our ipod dock...
which fills the room with music so that this little 4 year old can dance to her heart's content

and rest as she so desires...

Berlyn is 7 weeks old today
(although these next photos were all taken last week when she was 6 weeks)
It's been tough for me to get a photo of her smiling (above is a cheesy lil' grin), because i am usually the only adult around when doing so...and it seems that as soon as i pull out that big black camera, she wants nothing to do with it. And of course as soon as I put the camera down, she is smiling ear to ear.
I call this her Elvis snarl...
(not the most attractive look...but funny none the less) in mommy's arms, now i can finally fall asleep...

something i still do well these days.
I took Berlyn to the dr. last week and she weighed 10lbs. 15oz. and was 22 1/4 in. long.
I was so surprised she weighed more than Brooke did at 6 weeks (Brooke was 10lbs. 11oz. and 22 1/2 inches)
...both were in 50th %ile for weight and 90th for height.
And as most babies do...
Berlyn loves her baths.
A couple of times we have taken her into the big bathtub (as opposed to her baby bath).
She loves to be fully immersed in the warm water.
this little one loves baths too...sometimes asking for 2 a day.

A great way to wind down after a busy day...
to relax and get ready for bedtime.
Here I made a tent for the kids to crawl under and watch a movie. Daddy and Grandpa were hunting this past weekend, and in their absence we adjusted our "quiet time" routine. We may have to do this again this Daddy had an event last night and again on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week. Brings me back to our days when he was an AD and this was our weekly "norm." So glad those days are behind us. We've grown used to having him around more in the evenings (and love this family time together) so I know this will be a long week for all of us, the kids will be missing their Daddy...and so will I.
(and I am sure he will be missing all of us as well).

Praying for strength, patience and rest this week as we all go about our schedules.


  1. I am in love with the Elvis shot!! SO dern cute!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful...What program do you use for editing? I love that you can add captions!