Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crayola Creations

Today my in-laws were telling me about a "crayon-making" toy that is being sold at Costco now. It made me think that this would be so easy and fun to do at home with our own broken and abandoned crayons. So, while Grandpa and Grandma were at a banquet tonight and Daddy was out with the guys, Brayden and I got busy and began peeling away our old crayons to make new crayola creations.
Let me just say this is a tedious process. If you are stashing away old broken crayons, I recommend tearing the paper off right away instead of waiting to do it all at once. The first bunch of crayons was fine, but after a while we were ready to move on to the fun stuff.
My fingers were a bit raw once we were through...and you can see in Bray's face that he is deep in concentration, attempting to remove the stubborn paper from these crayons. All part of the process to get to our intended goal of "one-of-a-kind-wax-y wonders."
At last....the real fun begins!
The kids had fun selecting and creating their own color combinations.
Beautiful Brayden...nice work!



After a little melting and freezing we get...

our very own handmade crayons.

of course we must try them out immediately

our creative concoctions work!

a fun and free project!

and anything that'll bring a smile to their faces puts a little more love in my heart.
Loving these moments of simply being a Mom.

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