Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Healthy Dose of Vitamin Z

Grandma and I took the kids to the Detroit Zoo on Saturday while Daddy and Grandpa were Up North hunting.
It was a beautiful November day and all of the animals were out roaming their land.
Brooke was also in possession of "Little Lamb" this past weekend
(the preschool "mascot" that gets sent home with each of the students at some time during the school year.... you then write about and share what fun you had with Little Lamb)
The kids and I went on a Wild Adventure Simulator Ride.
We learned about ecological footprints and how important it is to share the earth with all living things. The ride really jerked us around and simulated viewpoints of various animals (like we were birds flying through a forest, frogs being chased by alligators in a swamp, and bees going into a honeycomb and being chased by bears). It was fun and we laughed the whole time (my cheeks hurt when we were done).
We also saw a 3D-4D movie on Wild Africa. The movie included scents of wild grass and rhino rears (yes, i mean rear-ends)...we sniffed a wicked smell when a rhinoceros on the movie screen peed on us-(we were sprayed in the face with water). Disgusting and hilarious at the same time. The kids got a real kick out of this.
I love how the peacocks roam freely throughout the zoo. When eating lunch we got front row seats of them. I am still amazed at their vibrant colors. The hues are so magnificent to the naked eye- only God could create such beauty. (I have always wondered why the male animals are always "prettier" than the females in the animal kingdom- lions, peacocks, ducks, etc.)
Brayden showing "Lamby" the flamingos
"Lamby" feeling the ice wall in the Arctic Circle Exhibit
the giraffes are one of my favorites. very curious to watch and observe.
The lions are by far Brookie's favorite. Last time we went to the zoo it was too hot and they didn't come out, just slept in a corner. This time we were able to watch them moving about, drinking water, etc. Brooke didn't want to leave this exhibit.
(and the lion is NOT going potty in this photo- he was actually itching himself, what timing, huh?)
Berlyn was SO good the entire day. She loved being outside and stayed awake most of the day...until her wee little self just crashed in Grandma's arms.
the tigers were really beautiful to watch as well.
Overall, we had a wonderful day spreading our wings and venturing out to the Detroit zoo with the kids...
and got a healthy dose of vitamin Z that'll last us until next year.


  1. I love going to the zoo! I can't wait 'til next summer because I think Brynn will be old enough to really see and watch the animals. She already notices dogs and ducks when we go on walks.

  2. Next time you decide to get some Vitamin Z -- let me know. I have a Vitamin Z deficiency.

  3. How fun ... we have yet to see the detroit zoo. We had a membership in AZ and nothin here. I need to rectify that.