Monday, November 23, 2009

a little of this and that...

Most of these photos were taken last week...a few moments worth sharing.

Berlyn loves sucking on her fists...that, sleeping, eating and smiling seem to be her favorite things to do these days.
and she is enjoying her activity mat too
(thank you abigail for outgrowing it and lending it to me!)
in this photo above berlyn is actually swatting at one of the hanging toys that makes noise...she knew she was doing it, she was aware and listening each time she touched it.
oh the concentration!
that's big stuff for a 12 week old!
more moments lovin on daddy
she reminds me of her cousin natalie in these photos...natalie's hair was just like this when she was a baby
and here's my proud big guy displaying his masterpiece.
he has recently gotten into putting together lego creations...looking at and reading the directions step by step all by himself (with a little help from mommy- we've been enjoying doing this together lately). he's growing up so fast.
Brookie is still such a great helper and big sister. She loves to hold and feed Berlyn.
I think she looks really pretty in this photo (gives me a glimpse of what she will look like as she gets older).
and older she is getting. above we have a "brookie hair creation." she loves to do my hair (and her own). on this day last week, she begged me to wear and leave my hair like i did...all day long, going out in public too. she was proud. i looked a bit silly...but that's a mother's love, right?
and my little girls today....
berlyn turns 3 months old this wednesday. she has been sleeping through the night every night for over two weeks now.

12 weeks of precious right here.


  1. WOW! Sleeping through the night at 12 weeks! THAT is a Blessing for sure!!! They are so stinkin beautiful ... clearly, that SuperModel gene shall be carried on!

  2. Couldn't agree more...simply precious. Brookie certainly looks like a young lady feeding berlyn, and so pretty indeed.

  3. Love the matching shirts. Very sweet.