Thursday, November 5, 2009


Better late than never! Our wireless is down, so the only access to the computer I have right now is in my in-laws bedroom. My time and accessibility is limited, but I thought I'd take advantage of today (staying home with a sick boy) to post the last of our Halloween photos while he is resting and the baby is sleeping.
Berlyn was a little caterpillar for her first Halloween.
(thanks dana!)
For the most part, she was a trooper while I dressed her and snapped a few shots.
But I know she was getting uncomfortable quickly.
We were also given this adorable flower costume too
(thanks kelli!)
both were too cute not to least for a few snapshots!
And the rest of these photos capture our Halloween day and evening. Overall we had a really great Halloween.
Brooke and her frightening nails
And...I am not sure who is hiding behind this disguise below?!
Every Halloween, it has been tradition to have Grandpa and Grandma, Dana, Dennis, their 3 kids and Dana's parents over for a sloppy joe dinner before trick-or-treating.
This year we did the same...but moved the party over to Grandpa and Grandma's and went trick-or-treating in their neighborhood
(which really was more fun because brayden knows several of the neighbors from his class/school)
"Uhhh...Mom, I think there is something crawling on me...I'm not sure and I am not looking down...but uh...could you check?"
Dana painted/drew on these ping-pong balls and made a game for the kids to play. Very cute googly eyes! How creative!
And what a perfect little trio...Wolverine, Snow White and the Caterpillar.
Lovely little trick-or-treaters (and trick-or-treater in training)
Here are Brayden, Jackson, Aidan and Brooke.
(Jackson pointed out that they were all wearing primary colors. How observant! They did all look good together....our "primary color crew!")
My little lady and little man...
Heading out to collect the goods!
It was so cold, Berlyn stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma, but Brayden and Brooke braved the weather...all for the sake of SKITTLES! (their favorite candy)

At every home that didn't answer the door, Brooke replied "they must be sleeping!"

getting cold...but still has a little "muscle" left in him for a few more houses.
Snow White, on the otherhand, only lasted so long before her Prince had to carry her home...
now that's a loving daddy...with magic wand in back pocket and all...
bringing his princess back home to warmth and safety on this fine and chilly Halloween night.
and what a night it was!


  1. What a fun evening! The most precious little wolverine ( I am excited for that warrior heart of Judah to emerge), and snow white is simply lovely. The essence of the masculine and feminine heart displayed in your children! Just beautiful.
    Love, love the wig, J.
    And it looks as though darcy dressed up without meaning to (brookie's wand looks like a tail in the last picture!)
    And how adorable is Berlyn in the glasses disguise!
    love your sweet family to pieces

  2. what adorable pictures Amanda! Love that little costume on Berlyn. They make such cute costumes for newborns. It was nice to visit with you and Berlyn. We will have play dates before you know it! Have a great weekend.


  3. What cuties, all five of you. Love the Berlyn dress up pics. Hope Bray is doing better.

  4. GREAT pics - as always. This was the first year I didn't dress up. I really missed it. You are too cute in your wig though!

  5. I can always count on your for great pictures! LOVE the wand in Darcy's back pocket as he carried his little princess home. Adorable!