Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in Saline

We celebrated Christmas in Saline with my side of the family on Saturday. As always, we had a great time together...lots of fun. lots of love. lots of laughter.
(my mom AKA Grammy Jo and Berlyn...
she had no problem being passed around and loved on all evening)
(my guys. my heart.)
(my little yummy)
(my brother Jeff's son, Mitchell)
(the moment Brooke had been dreaming about...the arrival of Baby Whoopsie-Doo)
(chef natalie opening up her cookbook and cooking accessories.
i hear she has already made some tasty treats!)
(my bro-in-law Matt (Sarah's hubby) and my brother Jeff)
(more opening....)
(and delight in gifts received)
(darcy labeled these two pics...appropriately ;)
love the new kitchen towels Mama Jo!
(me, em, rebecca, and bear)
(not so sure about the company berlyn is keeping these days)
and each year, even though we draw names to give gifts, my sisters and I always "secretly" slip away somewhere and exchange gifts's our favorite.
above are the gifts I gave this year.
(Sarah, Emily and I proudly wearing our sister gift from bear...
new pashmina scarves. love them!)
good times
together with family
treasured memories
(my nephew blair...sweet lil' guy!)
priceless moments
being family...
(gram and I)
being loved...
and being ourselves...
( i still crack up at this dad's old hat i believe...darcy put it on and i told him he reminded me of Jim Carrey as the limo driver in Dumb and Dumber.)
too funny!
I guess the Carter in me is rubbing off on my hubby too.
One of the greatest gifts we can receive.
Lovin' mine dearly.

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  1. Family is such a sweet treasure. I am so happy that you have yours near to love on so regularly ... so sweet!