Friday, December 11, 2009

a few firsts...

the past couple of weeks have been filled with a few new "firsts"
eskimo kisses from my daddy
holding and playing with a toy on my own
enjoying time in my exersaucer
and bumbo chair (love this thing!)
hanging out in a laundry basket
(sure not to be my last time)
and swimming!
(unfortunately these were the only pool photos we got before we were reprimanded to put our camera away and to "pretend to delete" the photos we had taken)
finding comfort in "snugglies"
(berlyn is beginning to enjoy having snuggly things by her face for comfort.
it puts her to sleep instantly. she is often pulling her kitty over her face to fall asleep.)
and here she is getting a little mama love...
definitely not the first...
but each day i love her more and more.
so on this day, it was the first time i loved her with that much love...
and tomorrow will be another first, because it'll be with even more love than before.


  1. love the pics.
    where we you swimming that they didn't allow pics? were they afraid of getting some pics of people in their swimsuits? weird. haha...

  2. OMWord - the cuteness. LOVE that sweet baby girl!

    And, ummm, where WERE you that you couldn't take pics? I was wondering the same thing as Jenni - did people just not want THEIR pics taken?

  3. Lifetime fitness pool...they are a little strict there

  4. Just precious!!! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. I have been meaning to call...I've just been so busy and I know I will need more than a few minutes to chat and catch up!!! But I love seeing your blog and getting a chance to "peak" in on your joyous moments. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok, love that little girl. She is the sweetest little thing