Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My little slice of yummy...

Baby girl turned 3 months old last Wednesday. Where does the time go? Berlyn is talking and cooing so much...eager to receive a smile and quick to offer one in return. Sometimes it seems as if she is just anxiously waiting for someone to look at her
so that she can flash one of those tight-eyed grins. I dug out Brayden and Brooke's one to three month photos...
there's no doubt they are all related... those potent Schrieber genes!
Darcy was on the floor playing with Berlyn the other day when I shot the next few photos...

there's no doubt she loves this man!
It's so fun having a baby in the house again. Last week i was holding berlyn and just bursting with love for this little life. She brings so much joy to everyone under this roof.
I told her "Berlyn, I love you so much I could just eat you up! If you were a food I would just eat you up and I am sure you would taste yummy. You are mama's little slice of yummy!" And since then, I keep calling her that and even sing a little song to her:
"she's my little slice of yummy...
i think she's kinda funny...
sweeter than most honey...
she's my little slice of yummy!"
And each time I do...I get that sweet little grin that lights up her face and mine.
That grin begins first thing in the morning each day without fail. We sing a good morning song to her (the same one I sang to both Brayden and Brooke) and she immediately begins to smile for us. Such a great way to wake up, huh? This morning Brayden got a cute shot of her with her baby morning bedhead and that sweet good morning smile.

my little slice of yummy, indeed.


  1. OH! That bed-head is almost more than I can stand! Too, too cute! As are ALL of your babies!

  2. My little slice of yummy...that is just toooooo adorable (and very fitting for such a cutie-pie). And the song...melt my heart. No wonder she lights up when she hears it! I just love the bed-head photo...made me grin from ear to ear! A yummy mommy & her little slice of the same...truly you two were cut from the same fabric!

  3. she is growing so fast !
    where does time go, she is a doll :)
    I really enjoy keeping up with your family, checking here daily for new updates and love see new pics.
    keep it up !