Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yuletide Splendor

We have had a busy week preparing for Christmas parties, programs, concerts and family get togethers. Earlier in the week the kids helped me make more buckeyes.
(giant ones for you auntie em! and don't worry, the ones the kids rolled were put into a separate bowl)
Brooke had her Christmas dance party and program.
"Over the river and through the woods..."
these little girls were so cute...
Brooke did a great job and even had me laughing out loud with some of her over-exaggerated dance moves.

Afterwards Daddy brought his little princess flowers.
She delights in his attention and approval...I am noticing it more and more as she grows.
On Tuesday, the girls and I made a quick trip out to Saline while Brayden was in school.
My sister Sarah did my hair and my Gram came over to catch a quick visit with us.
Stories with gram...what a blessing!
Our time was short, but always precious and worthwhile.
Later that afternoon/evening, once we were back home, I baked some more because Brooke had her preschool Christmas party/program the following day. For teacher gifts this year we gave homemade Cinnamon Roasted Almonds and Caramel Chex Mix with the recipes attached.
We love her Little Lambs preschool and appreciate the time and love they put into our little ones.
I love this photo above because it captures the moment Brooke spotted her Daddy in the audience. Darcy met us at her school (and of course I was running late, so he arrived early and had a seat). I was in the back of the church with the baby, so we were not sitting together. Brooke saw me and next thing I know her eyes were combing the audience looking for her Daddy (she knew he was there because I had told her he was waiting for us). It was like she wasn't at peace until she saw his face...and when she did, her face LIT up.
It lit up a bit here too when she got to see Mrs. Claus and told her she wanted a Baby Whoopsie-Doo for Christmas.

Later that evening, Brayden had his First Grade Christmas Concert:
"The Mice Before Christmas"
Here is Bray beforehand, getting ready to sing his little heart out.
and here are photos of big and little sis watching him perform
They sang of Little Mice with Ferocious Appetites...
and how they almost ruined Christmas this year.
(thankfully they didn't and Christmas was saved...whew!)
Very sweet and endearing.
And so was our little star.
I also had a little fun making these ornaments yesterday.
They are made out of photos of vintage Christmas postcards.
I originally wanted to make cookie cutter ornaments (with the postcards cut out behind the cookie cutter)
But I didn't have enough time (We were celebrating Christmas with my family in Saline yesterday (future post) and I wanted to give an ornament to each of my sisters and my mom). I always get these great ideas at the last minute. Why couldn't I have thought of this weeks ago? I also used these postcards as gift tags on all of the presents we brought out to Saline. I used materials I already had on hand and didn't buy a thing extra, so it made it a quick, fun and free craft!
Yes, we've had a busy week!
Much fun enjoying the yuletide splendor.
Wishing the hands on the clock would slow down just a bit.
Preparing to savor the moments next week which lead up to Christmas Day....keeping my head and heart uncluttered to really appreciate Christmas and the reason we even celebrate this day.
Celebrating the baby that changed everything.
A baby wrapped in yuletide splendor and glory.
A baby who came to this world for us.
Leaving heaven and all of His riches, becoming poor to reach the broken, heal the sick, give sight to the save.
Thank you Jesus.
Each day you deserve our praise and gratitude.
Despite our busy schedules, we will stop to humbly and gladly celebrate, thank and worship you.


  1. Brookie looks so grown up and just beautiful! What a busy week you've had... but it looks like a great kind of busy! The teacher gifts were absolutely adorable...and I bet delicious as well!

    I too am trying to keep 'my head and heart uncluttered' as you said, but at times the business (which has caused a bit of stress) gets in the way. Thank you for the beautiful reminder from your heart!
    yuletide splendor, indeed.

  2. You always have the sweetest pics -LOVE Brookie seeing her daddy! Your girls have such hearts for daddy and I LOVE that! So sweet!