Saturday, January 30, 2010

no rhyme or reason...

there is no rhyme or reason to this post...just a few snapshots from our week.
(i love the drool in this next photo)
our little leaky faucet
bray often wakes up having bad dreams (or wakes up and starts thinking scary thoughts).
we pray every night about this.
he made this sign in church a couple weeks ago and posted it on his wall by his bed as a reminder. ("God is with me")

and earlier this week i got a little pampering myself....
brookie gave me a pedicure.

sweet berlyn has had an off week. teething. no napping. a bit needy.
she's not a huge "tummy time" fan. this next photo tells no lies.
all in was a good week.
we enjoyed a great friday family night and i am looking forward to a fun saturday with my loves. (and date night tonight with my man)
yes. more than enough.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is uncharacteristic of Brayden's work (or else I probably wouldn't post!). He is usually pretty expressive with his thoughts and ideas...(although I do see a bit of unintended humor and creativity in his answers below.) His teacher is a bit witty and slightly sarcastic.
Can you see it shining through in her comments? Darcy and I got a kick out of this assignment Brayden brought home. I think Brayden was in a rush to finish, or just didn't feel like putting much thought into it. What do you think? I know sometimes this is how I feel like responding to some of life's questions. :) (ya know, when you just don't feel like "going there"...and ignorance seems such bliss)

And this next photo I just took over Brooke's shoulder 2 minutes ago. This is Ken and his bride kissing. She did seek my approval first before the first kiss to see if it was "ok." This girl is smitten with love stories and weddings and she's only 4 and a half! Is this normal? This is my first go-'round with a daughter, so I do not know. I do think it reflects a woman's innate and God-given desire to be loved, to feel loved, and to love.
Some of it may be role-playing, imitative behavior too...(she does have a mama and a daddy).
But I still do question and worry about this interest sometimes.
Innocent enough, I'm sure.
And this photo aboveI took the other day while we were playing Barbies together. She had all her "Polly-Pockets" act as bridesmaids and made certain they all faced and looked at the bride as she was getting married.
I think she is going to be a sucker for a good love story too (just like her mama).
and while we played, Berlyn sat curbside sucking on her first taste of pear.
Yummy for our little yummy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life figured out...

This morning Brooke and Brayden were talking over breakfast. She says, "When boys be dudes they have earrings." And then with certainty boasts, "It's true Brayden. I saw a dude at Daddy's basketball game."

And on the way home from the gym this morning Brooke is in the backseat hiccuping away and says "Mom, I'm pregnant. And I'm married to Kyle."

And since I'm on a roll...i'll share a couple previous conversations between the two that made me giggle.

Brooke: "Do lions like to bite other animals?"
Brayden: "Yeah, they do...they like ham."

and another:
Brooke: "Are there dinosaurs?"
Brayden: "No. They are extinct because of the lava."
Brooke: "Are they in New York?"
Brayden: "Yeah, they're in New York...they've got to be. They're in New York."
Brayden again: "No wait, maybe Hawaii?...No, the waterpark is in Hawaii...OK OK...the dinosaurs are in California and the volcanoes are in Hawaii."

At 4 and 6 they seemed to have life all figured out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another first...

We have experienced another "first" in our household...
Brayden has his first loose tooth!
I don't know who is more excited, him or mommy!
You'd think that all the "exciting" firsts happen within that first year of life, but as I grow as a parent (and watch my children grow), I am learning that there are many, many exciting firsts...including first soccer goal, first day of kindergarten, first time on the bus, first dance recital, first time accepting Jesus as your Savior, and yes...a first-time loose tooth!

I've been telling Brayden for months to keep an eye out (and a tongue ready) to feel any loose teeth...that any day now it could happen to him now that he is 6. Last year in kindergarten there were several students in his class that lost teeth. In fact, Brayden's long time buddy, Trevor, who is only one day older than Brayden, lost his two front teeth last year! Brayden has been patiently waiting for his turn and alas it has arrived!

He was so cute because when going to bed the night it first became loose, he said, "I am not going to open my mouth when I sleep because I don't want it to fall out and for me to lose it!" He also thinks $5.00 is a good amount for the tooth fairy to bring because that is what one of his classmates received. I say that must have been an extra valuable tooth! [truth be told...i've been hanging onto a silver dollar in my jewelry box for just this occasion.] He does still need a tooth fairy pillow though (hint-hint grammy jo).

And then there is Brooke who keeps wanting to feel it..."Can I wiggle it Brayden?"
"Let me try again."
She also rains with hopeless tears because she wants a loose tooth and she doesn't want to wait till she is 6. It's just too long to wait. She wants to wait till she is 5. Oh, the drama!
All in all...we are delighting in another "first."
And we'll keep you all posted when he finally loses it!

just now...

Just now, I'm in my room getting ready for the day...getting dressed, putting on makeup, jewelry, perfume (all things girly). My little 4 and a half year old is in my closet trying on my clothes. I giggle when she comes out and then reassure her that I'm not laughing at her...that she looks cute and just reminds me of me as a little girl. We talk about Grammy Jo and she was a bit confused that I actually lived with Grammy Jo...all cute.

Then she says, "Mommy, tell me again about you telling daddy to marry you." And I tell her that I did not tell Daddy to marry me. She says, "Did he ask you?" and I reply "yes." Then she asks, "why?" and I tell her because he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. And then she asks, "Are you pregnant?" I laugh and say "No!" and she replies "Well, that is what wifes do!"

Loving these little conversations with my little girl. She's growing up too fast.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today's brooke-ism...

This afternoon while driving to preschool, Brooke peeps up from the backseat and says,
"Mom, did you know that mosquitoes have 4 legs and spiders have 8 legs?...And Angela's bite!"


Sunday, January 17, 2010


cereal time!

i think i like the spoon the best

oh yes, it's definitely my favorite
they say this is cerealicious
i'm still not so sure about this stuff
"cerealisly mama...i think i've had enough!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

berlyn today...

beautiful one...

"the king is enthralled by your beauty"
psalm 45:11