Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another first...

We have experienced another "first" in our household...
Brayden has his first loose tooth!
I don't know who is more excited, him or mommy!
You'd think that all the "exciting" firsts happen within that first year of life, but as I grow as a parent (and watch my children grow), I am learning that there are many, many exciting firsts...including first soccer goal, first day of kindergarten, first time on the bus, first dance recital, first time accepting Jesus as your Savior, and yes...a first-time loose tooth!

I've been telling Brayden for months to keep an eye out (and a tongue ready) to feel any loose teeth...that any day now it could happen to him now that he is 6. Last year in kindergarten there were several students in his class that lost teeth. In fact, Brayden's long time buddy, Trevor, who is only one day older than Brayden, lost his two front teeth last year! Brayden has been patiently waiting for his turn and alas it has arrived!

He was so cute because when going to bed the night it first became loose, he said, "I am not going to open my mouth when I sleep because I don't want it to fall out and for me to lose it!" He also thinks $5.00 is a good amount for the tooth fairy to bring because that is what one of his classmates received. I say that must have been an extra valuable tooth! [truth be told...i've been hanging onto a silver dollar in my jewelry box for just this occasion.] He does still need a tooth fairy pillow though (hint-hint grammy jo).

And then there is Brooke who keeps wanting to feel it..."Can I wiggle it Brayden?"
"Let me try again."
She also rains with hopeless tears because she wants a loose tooth and she doesn't want to wait till she is 6. It's just too long to wait. She wants to wait till she is 5. Oh, the drama!
All in all...we are delighting in another "first."
And we'll keep you all posted when he finally loses it!


  1. That is so cool - I'm still tryin to figure out how I'm gonna help Hattie to understand that one. THey are all getting so very big ... where did our babies go?

  2. Now Brayden can sing: "I have a loose tooth, a wiggly giggly loose tooth, I have a loose tooth hanging from a thread..."