Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life figured out...

This morning Brooke and Brayden were talking over breakfast. She says, "When boys be dudes they have earrings." And then with certainty boasts, "It's true Brayden. I saw a dude at Daddy's basketball game."

And on the way home from the gym this morning Brooke is in the backseat hiccuping away and says "Mom, I'm pregnant. And I'm married to Kyle."

And since I'm on a roll...i'll share a couple previous conversations between the two that made me giggle.

Brooke: "Do lions like to bite other animals?"
Brayden: "Yeah, they do...they like ham."

and another:
Brooke: "Are there dinosaurs?"
Brayden: "No. They are extinct because of the lava."
Brooke: "Are they in New York?"
Brayden: "Yeah, they're in New York...they've got to be. They're in New York."
Brayden again: "No wait, maybe Hawaii?...No, the waterpark is in Hawaii...OK OK...the dinosaurs are in California and the volcanoes are in Hawaii."

At 4 and 6 they seemed to have life all figured out.


  1. oh, how darling!!! mr. aron will have to put in his earrings & lip ring for brookie & show her he's a 'dude' too! Belle just thinks 'Daddy has a hole in his chin.'

    What treasures these innocent conversations - I just love it! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. How stinkin sweet. I love to watch them figuring life out.

  3. OK, now I have indigestion from laughing so hard. Oh, so precious.