Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is uncharacteristic of Brayden's work (or else I probably wouldn't post!). He is usually pretty expressive with his thoughts and ideas...(although I do see a bit of unintended humor and creativity in his answers below.) His teacher is a bit witty and slightly sarcastic.
Can you see it shining through in her comments? Darcy and I got a kick out of this assignment Brayden brought home. I think Brayden was in a rush to finish, or just didn't feel like putting much thought into it. What do you think? I know sometimes this is how I feel like responding to some of life's questions. :) (ya know, when you just don't feel like "going there"...and ignorance seems such bliss)

And this next photo I just took over Brooke's shoulder 2 minutes ago. This is Ken and his bride kissing. She did seek my approval first before the first kiss to see if it was "ok." This girl is smitten with love stories and weddings and she's only 4 and a half! Is this normal? This is my first go-'round with a daughter, so I do not know. I do think it reflects a woman's innate and God-given desire to be loved, to feel loved, and to love.
Some of it may be role-playing, imitative behavior too...(she does have a mama and a daddy).
But I still do question and worry about this interest sometimes.
Innocent enough, I'm sure.
And this photo aboveI took the other day while we were playing Barbies together. She had all her "Polly-Pockets" act as bridesmaids and made certain they all faced and looked at the bride as she was getting married.
I think she is going to be a sucker for a good love story too (just like her mama).
and while we played, Berlyn sat curbside sucking on her first taste of pear.
Yummy for our little yummy!


  1. I can't tell you it how it excites me to see Brookie's fascination with love. I'm telling you...she is the heart of a woman in its most innocent form. Captivated by romance - one day she will understand our earthly romance in only a shadow of the love of our Great King for his bride...his beloved people. Its a beautiful thing!
    As for Brayden...yeah, I can totally see where's he coming from. "Blah, blah, blah ... the story is happening outside on the playground...just let me out of this classroom where the action is!"
    Great shot of the yummiest Berlyn! And I'm going to have to get one of those little gadgets for Judah. I've been letting him gum on apples, pears, strawberries...they're so much more enjoyable than a plastic teether. But I have to watch him like a doesn't take long for him to wittle a piece off - even with only gums.

  2. So very sweet - she is a girl through and through. I think fascination with romance is normal (especially when she sees it acted out daily between a LOVING mama and daddy) and healthy.

    Seems like Bray IS in need of a challenge. I was the same way in Kind. and 1st grade. They put me in special Ed thinking I was slow - turns out I just needed a challenge!

    And Little Berlyn - yes, yes ... YUMMY is the word for her!

  3. Thanks for sharing so much of your daily activities. It's fun to see a glimpse into your life and the lives of your cuties. It makes me wish we lived closer so that I could bring Brynn over to play, and we could talk. :)

  4. Ok J, I finally opened an account so I could leave messages...this post was just too cute not to!
    You are very right about Bray's work, he must have been in a "funk" because he is always VERY descriptive. So so so funny!!!
    And little miss Brookie...hmmm, hmmm, hmmm she is something else :) You know Jane went through a small stage like that with her polly's and barbies, it has long passed and now she wants nothing to do with boys at all.
    I miss you guys so very very very much...thanks for sharing your blog. It makes me feel close to you!
    I love you!

    PS...tell Bray Auntie Em thinks the dinosaurs are in California! And have Brookie talk to Uncle Jeff about the "dude" thing, he might know :)