Tuesday, February 16, 2010

another day in Saline

Yesterday the kids and I made the trip out to Saline to see my family.
Brayden has the week off and we took advantage of having a free day where I could bring all 3 kids out for a visit.
We started out at my Gram's house and enjoyed a yummy lunch of homemade chicken and rice soup and turkey sandwiches. Thank you Gram!

We had a very nice visit with this special, beautiful, and well-loved lady!
And then we drove over to my sister's house. It was Wyatt's actual birthday. The boys were so very excited to see each other.
These two did not want to part...like long-lost buddies.
And they'll get the chance to see each other once again this weekend when we celebrate Wy and Natalie's birthdays on Saturday.
These two photos of my Mom and Berlyn were taken right before Berlyn's 45 minute inconsolable tirade. I think she was over-tired and over-stimulated...mix that with teething and we had one very unhappy camper.
She certainly wasn't quite herself...
but we still managed to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Good times. Family is such a blessing.
Already looking forward to the next time.


  1. I'm so happy that you were Blessed with that day! You deserve it!

  2. The day was definitely way too short!!!

  3. Gram looks really good. Glad to see her smiling and you spending time with her.