Friday, February 26, 2010

Casting Crowns Concert

Last night we were blessed to FINALLY attend the Casting Crowns concert.
We have seen them before and knew that we were in for a great night of praise and worship and just plain darn good music!
And thanks to my bro-in-law, we took front-row center-stage seats.
There were two opening acts. Above is the band "Caleb." These are Steven Curtis Chapman's sons and I really liked their music...kinda folky and acoustic...had a real youthful and honest feel.
(my sister emily, her daughter Natalie and I attempting a self-portrait)
This was Natalie's first concert. She was so cute...a mix of overwhelming excitement all night.
The second act was Kutless. I enjoyed them more than I had anticipated. I'd really like to get their latest CD that just came out a few months ago. It has some "oldie but goodie" songs that they've revved up and made their own.
They do a rockin' version of "It is Well"
One of my all time favorite hymns. Reminds me of my Grandpa. Brings me to tears every time I sing the song...and the story behind the original song is amazing and inspiring.
But, if you haven't heard their must check it out (if you scroll down to the right of this post you can listen to it on my playlist...i think i'm gonna have to make it my new ringtone).
And alas...the main act "Casting Crowns!!!"
I so enjoy and appreciate the personal, transparent, humble, and humorous approach they bring to their shows. (accompanied by fantastic music, of course)
"Mercy" is one of my favorite tracks on their latest album.
This one had me a ridiculous mess.
"You're greater than my yesterdays. You hold me close today. You're the Lord of my heart will always say. Thank you for Your mercy"
I have felt keenly aware of His mercy on my life lately. Reminded daily of how much I am truly nothing without Him...nothing good at least.
This song echoes the voice of my heart.
Thank you Father for Your mercy.
Mike and beautiful Kelly sat front row with us.
I think half of MCC was there...also ran into an old dear childhood friend of mine, Stacy. We've walked through a lot in life together...for nearly 27 years. Her and her husband Paul are a testimony of the power the Lord has in one's life and marriage. I can't begin to tell you how much my heart swells with joy when I see them, when I witness their raw and bold love for the Lord and the miracle of His restoration in their lives. I don't have adequate words.
the love of my life.
the one that makes my heart throb.
em, nate and natalie
It might have been at about this point in the concert when I was tempted to start a mosh pit :)
No, but seriously, we were so close to the stage it was tempting not to jump up there. And my sister and I had to really restrain ourselves from trying to take a self-portrait of us with the band in the background (like we were jammin with them). And i did feel a bit like paparazzi with my big ol' camera and becky jo's big ol' camera on my lap, and my sister next to me with her camera.
After the concert, we were blessed to meet the members of Kutless.
Barby and I took advantage of a photo op
(please excuse the photographer who cut half the band out of the pic :)
Yeah...thumbs up, I was excited.
It was a great night.
Great music.
All for a great God.
And a beautiful reminder that He indeed is
The Great I Am.

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