Monday, February 1, 2010

I just bended it!!!!

So Saturday night Darcy and I had a date. Not even an hour after we were gone did we receive a phone call that Brayden lost his first tooth. We couldn't believe it! (and we were both admittedly disappointed that we weren't home when this happened) I had just wiggled his tooth earlier that morning when he had said, "I think my tooth might come out today." It was not very wiggly at the time and I said "I don't think so honey. I don't think it is ready yet." What does Mom know anyway?
He was already in bed sleeping by the time Darcy and I got home from our date. We tried peeking into his mouth to see his new window, but it was dark. We were excited to talk to him about it in the morning...
And to hear all about the shiny gold coin he found under his pillow when he woke up.
So when asked how his tooth came out, he simply explained,
"I just bended it!"
what a beautiful smile.
what a beautiful boy.


  1. Go Brayden! He is a cutie pie!

  2. Exciting! Now many more to come.

  3. How fun! It IS stinky that you weren't there but he will lose many more. Man, these kids are growin up!

  4. yeah bray!!! you'll have to let him know that we are all very excited and happy for him. i can't wait to see his handsome, toothless grin.