Monday, February 8, 2010

it's the little things...

it's the little things in life that count.
woke up this morning at 6:30am...about 30 minutes after my alarm first sounded.
this cut my quiet time in half...but after being woken up by little scared rugrats in the middle of the night, my groggy hand kept reaching for the snooze.
had a good morning with bray. got him off to school with ease.
then the baby wakes. the "going on her 4th day in a row of diarrhea" baby. teething? stomach virus? not certain. fussy. needy. sweet little poor thing. even when she poops and throws up on me she is still my sweet little poor thing. let's just say it was a rough morning. everything was going wrong- from no hot water, to diapers ripping and breaking, to bottles spilling on the carpet and poop-stained pjs. 3 girls (myself included) showering quickly while baby cried through it all. nerves feeling a bit frazzled. a few more prayers being directed to the man upstairs with each minute fighting the urge to cry. i leave for new hampshire on thursday morning (for a much awaited retreat away with my bff, kim, of over 20 years). there is much to do this week to get the house, my family and myself ready for this time away. add valentine's and school parties onto it and it gets a little busier. a sick baby does not help with the checking off my "things to do" list. a bit overwhelmed. so i put in a "venting" call to my husband. and less than an hour later, he shows up offering a big hug, kiss, and a warm chai latte.
this small thoughtful gesture meant a lot to me. taking a few minutes out of his day to validate my rough morning and my overwhelmed attitude renewed my spirit. i feel loved. it's through these little things that i feel most cared for. thank you darcy.
we were also able to enjoy a little time away this past saturday night. we attended a fundraiser for his school. i'm grateful for the effort he puts toward carving out time for us. for making me feel like i am the most beautiful girl in the world. for making me feel important.
(for the record...even though it looks like i should be holding a glass of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, we did not have even a sip of alcohol this night).
it's pure love and bliss baby! (or perhaps a little carter in me)
either way. this is a man i am blessed to share life with.
the other half that makes me whole.
the one who gives my heart wings.
je t'aime


  1. Sorry you had a rough morning, but so happy you have a man like that! He is a keeper ... I know, cause I got me one of em too!

  2. Ohhhh, I'm sorry for the rough day...but a handsome hubby delivering a warm starbucks surely does brighten a girl's spirits! Hang in are so loved.

  3. Sorry for the rough start to the day, but I certainly know how much it can boost the spirit to have a loving husband kiss you and hand you a Starbucks!

    Praying that you'll get done what is necessary, and that you'll thoroughly enjoy your time with Kim!!