Thursday, February 18, 2010

Step-by-Step BEST EVER Vegetable Soup...

(recipe from 6 year old Brayden)
1.) Cut up all of your vegetables
(Brayden's choice: carrots, celery, lettuce and cucumber)
2.) Pour broth or stock into bowl.
3.) With semi-clean hands, mix up all your vegetables onto a plate before placing them in your broth bowl.
4.) Sprinkle mixed vegetables into soup broth.
5.) Make certain all vegetables are mixed into broth and submerged.
(hands work better than utensils for this)
6.) Admire your beautiful creation.
7.) Place soup in microwave.
8.) Heat to your own desired temperature.
9.) Warm enough? Not quite...gradually keep heating.
10.) Test temperature until heated through (by taking small tastes).
11.) Once heated, crush up crackers into soup.
12.) Sit down and enjoy.
13.) Every last bite!
(well, almost.)

Brayden: "It's's very good. The carrots are just a little hard. But you've got to try this. I'm good at soup-making!"
And with mouth still full, "Mommy, do you want me to cut up stuff for you?"

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  1. Brayden -- you can come and make lunch for me anytime!! It looks so yummy!!

    Love Grammy Jo