Wednesday, February 10, 2010

to tide you over...

(so this post is really for my mom.)
grammy tide you over while i am away in my non-blogging world :)
berlyn has been sick for a week. i took these photos a week or so ago.
they even warm my heart right now to view her sweet happy face.
hoping and praying my baby (and family) will be ok while i'm gone.
(for all viewing...i welcome your prayers for health and protection for my family while i'm away)
beyond price.
thank you.


  1. Amanda I will be Praying for you and your family. I enjoyed talking with you earlier, it always helps when another mom is going through some of the same things. On a side note those are the most adorable pictures of Berlyn! Have a great time with your BFF! Take care and see you soon!


  2. Thank you for thinking of me.

    Have a great trip! Give Kim a hug from me. Hugs and kisses to you, Berlyn, Brooke, Brayden and Darcy! Looking forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks.

    Olive Juice !!!

  3. Have a fun trip. Tell Kim "Hello" for me!

  4. Praying for safety & refreshing for you while you're away, and definately praying for your family while you're gone. I'm sure Grandma & Daddy will take wonderful care of the babies...but there is absolutely no one like mama! What a beautiful reunion you have to look forward to after a great weekend away!
    I'll miss you this morning in Bible Study!
    much love to you!
    ps...agree with Linda...adorable shots of berlyn. LOVE the yellow tulle skirt & funky bib!