Sunday, February 21, 2010

We had a really great weekend with family. Saturday we made the trek out to Tecumseh for my niece and nephew's birthday parties. We started at the "10 Pin" bowling alley for Wyatt's Mario Brothers Bowling Bash.
These two had so much fun together.

Brookie chummed up with Grammy Jo to share some fries.
My man and my brothers-in-law
(Matt, Darc and Nate)
Grammy Jo and Yummy
(AKA: "Jack" as in Jack Nicholson and his wiry, wild and maddened hair)
Natalie and Brooke
Brooke had planned on wearing this old flapper girl costume dress to Natalie's party since she first received the invitation weeks ago. I thought she would forget once the date grew closer, but she didn't. She said it would be "just perfect!"
me and my sis
Matt with Blair...a sweet lil' bowler.
I love this little guy!
And right after the bowling birthday party, we went over to my sister's house to celebrate Natalie's "American Girl Doll" birthday party.
All the girls with their American Girl dolls
(including Grandma Jo and her real American Girl: Berlyn)
The parties were fun and after all the guests returned home, we stayed and had a "cousins sleepover."
(there wasn't too much sleep this night...but it was all worth it!)
Sunday morning we woke up and went to church with my sister and her family. Grammy Jo was there too and my Aunt Barb. It was a good Sunday morning. After church we all went out to grab a burger for lunch. My other sister, Sarah, and her family joined us as well.
We had quite a wait. All were hungry and growing more tired by the minute.
We discovered Berlyn loves pickles.
the boys love playing their DS's...
and Brookie loves lovin' on her daddy was a wonderful weekend. I was able to see my family 3 days this week. On the way into church Sunday morning both Darcy and I soaked in the drive, the moment, the peaceful feeling out there that life just slows down a bit. Between that, driving through farm country, and bathing in was the first time in a really long time that I really missed living out there.
I always miss my family...but it was exceptionally hard to part from them Sunday.
My heart felt a mix of heaviness and in the weekend, the time we had together, laughing, watching the kids play together, etc...and sadness in having to say goodbye and not knowing the next time we will all be together again...wishing it to be sooner and more frequent.
Love that we are building memories.
The kids had so much fun with their much that shortly after we got home late Sunday afternoon, we found Brayden conked out on the floor.
What a blessing this weekend was. What a blessing we have in family.
Feeling very thankful for the lot I've been given.


  1. My heart MELTS at how much you love your family. Makes me a bit sad that mine is SO far away, but so happy for you that you had that sweet time together.

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy your family so much. I know how it feels to be a "distance" away from family and want more time with them.