Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reach for Me...

After Brayden got off on the school bus this morning, I began straightening up the house and found this puddled on the floor...
He has been sleeping with this blanket (his "snuggle") since he was a baby. Just recently Brayden began wanting to read his "real" Bible. He has been reading it at night after we tuck him in, and in the morning he has been bringing it downstairs with him along with his snuggle.
I couldn't help but see the symbolism in this visual. Although at age 6, it's his trusty old snuggle that brings him comfort and security--my desire is that as he grows, God's Word will eventually replace it.

This had me thinking about something else. I had no intention in sharing what I am about to share....it's not eloquent or poetic. In fact, these words strangely came to me in a dream a few weeks ago. It was such a vivid dream that when I woke up I began writing all these words and thoughts down on a notepad in my bedstand, where they have sat until today. The words spilled out and I could vividly see a visual picture from my dream of a child holding onto it's parent's hand. It wasn't me or my children in the dream, but I can still clearly remember this image in my mind. Anyways, since then, I have had several occasions where I have heard God whisper, "Reach for me..." Because of these occasions, I have felt a stir in my heart to share...

I reach for my alarm trying to steal a few more minutes of sleep,
You whisper, "Find rest in Me child."
"Reach for Me."
I reach for my computer keys, trying to escape reality,
You whisper, "Let Me be your refuge."
"Reach for Me."
I reach for my phone to spill my troubles,
You say, "I am listening, beloved."
"Reach for Me."
I reach for isolation as a means to run away.
You whisper, "You are not alone; I'll never leave you."
"Reach for Me."
I reach for validation
from a world that seeks to destroy.
You say, "Your assurance and worth are found in Me, child."
"Reach for Me."
I reach for something "new"
in a trinket box of earthly treasures.
You say, "Let Me make YOU new."
"Reach for Me."

And that's it...kinda unfinished, but that was all He gave me. Anyways, I think it was His gentle reminder to me that when life seems hectic, or busy, or disappointing, or difficult, it is Him I am to reach for first.

Thank You Father, for revealing yourself to me time and time again so that I may better understand Your heart and Your character and can love You more. My heart is so filled with adoration for You. You consume my thoughts. Thank You for being the One who is capable of meeting all my needs. You truly are more than enough. Your mercy covers me like a blanket. Thank You for being my own personal "snuggle"...that as I reach for You, Your arms have already been outstretched...on a cross...as far as the east is from the west...for me. And You are still reaching for me. As I go forth each day, may I always reach for You.


  1. Beautiful ... And I am crying.


  2. Amanda, you amaze and inspire me!

  3. This touched my heart! You have a way with words and touching hearts