Friday, April 30, 2010

wind of HOPE...

We closed the week with an 80 degree sunny day where we all allowed ourselves to relax and exhale. After a mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting week packing and moving all of our belongings out of our old home, the day ushered in fresh breezes, sunshine and hope.

It was more than a day of squealing at the wind...

or chasing sprinklers...

and catching frogs...

It was the mark of a moment in time where one chapter has closed and a new one has begun...
gently blowing into our lives a wind of hope.

Lord, this week I struggled to see You in the midst of our storm. At times, begging for Your presence to remain with me beyond my mornings where it seemed so fresh and real...pleading to feel Your love and to not feel forgotten. Remembering that You do not change, that new winds blow in trouble and hardship, but that You've seen us through them all and will prove true once again. Thank you for the people in my life that You used to gently remind me that You see me and I am loved. Teach me to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. Anchor me with hope for my soul.

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."
Hebrews 6:19

Thursday, April 29, 2010

rest in his arms

needing every bit of strength to make it through this week. each new day has brought on a new trouble of it's own, making an already high stress time seem almost unbearable. thankful for mercies that fall new each morning. thankful for His presence already today. desperate for it to remain.

"because you are my help,
i sing in the shadow of your wings.
my soul clings to you,
your right hand upholds me."
psalm 64:7-8

thankful for this word to be given to me on just this day.
goal today: allow myself to rest in his arms.

Monday, April 26, 2010

"toofer two"

We have two kiddos in our home
celebrating their second "toofers" (or lack thereof)
Yesterday morning Brayden lost his second tooth while brushing his teeth before church.
The tooth fairy made a "last-minute-almost-forgot-jump-out-of-bed" surprise visit at 6:45am this morning. Whew! I am so glad she remembered, and so glad this kiddo was still sleeping!
And last Tuesday Berlyn's second tooth came in.
Oh did I ever attempt to get a good photo of her mouth.
Big brother tried making her laugh (which is usually a sure thing) and big sister tried to get her to open up and say "Aahh" while feeding her breakfast this morning (hence the messy face and pj's). On both occasions mommy stood sideline trying to capture a "pretty tooth" smile...but no luck.
However...a sure way to get a good view of Berlyn's new teeth is to wait till she is mad.
And that is precisely what we did.
On teeth in and teeth out, we are batting 2 for 2 in our house...
or should I say "toofer two"?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

shoes GLORIOUS shoes!

took a trip out to saline today.
great day filled with sunshine, saline, sisters, gram, and shoes!
that's galore!
my sister's lovely mother-in-law cleaned out her closets and was going to donate or give away all of her old shoes from the 80's and 90's. she generously allowed my sisters and i pick of the crop. thank you Sandra! by fate, we wear the same size shoe as her and were like kids in a candy store, grown women playing dress-up in their mom's closet.
we had SO much fun trying on (and playfully fighting over) pumps, flats, and heels of every color and shade ("hottest styles every shoe every color"). even brookie got in on the fun...a bit shy while there, but at home she was ALL about the shoes!
and my ever-so-patient husband agreed to capture my newly acquired shoe collection on camera. see for yourself. i love me some heels!

again, thank you sandra!
today i was a glutton for shoes.
tomorrow i will repent :)
(as for now...if you wear a 7 and 1/2 shoe,
feel free to hit me up for some bright colored pumps!)
what's a girl to do?
shoes GLORIOUS shoes!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

walk in His ways...

baby of mine,
may your sweet little feet
always walk in His ways.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

to LOVE well...

This weekend I was given the privilege to attend our church's annual Women's Retreat. The message was great and the fellowship a treasure. I was able to strengthen existing friendships and meet and develop new ones with women I wouldn't normally have been given the opportunity to do so. The theme this year was "LOVING WELL," and began with the concept and truth that we will never love well until we are convinced that we are well-loved. It focused on how God's love must be ministered to us before it can be ministered through us. This topic was relevant to my own personal journey, spoke to my soul, and challenged and convicted me to love beyond myself, beyond my own capabilities.

Seems easy enough when dealing with the "JOYS" in one's life (those who you love to love, that are easy to love)...but it is quite a bit more challenging when dealing with the "TESTY's" in one's life (those who are difficult to love, those with a critical spirit, those who drive you crazy). I've found those "TESTY's" in my life to be ones I tend to avoid. God has been stirring in my heart that it's those ones He specifically wants me to lavish love upon (ouch...).

I don't struggle with the fact that I am loved. I grew up in a loving and demonstrative family and I think that has allowed me to easily accept the love of God, even though I am keenly aware of my unworthiness of it. But, what got me was when the speaker mentioned that God measures maturity by how we love. I don't claim to be "mature" in my walk with fact I am always wishing and looking forward to years ahead of now when I will be more seasoned and full of His Word and insight. I certainly desire to mature in my the fact that loving well is a sign of maturity made me realize that "avoiding" those people in life that are hard to love is a sign of idleness (in a way) and it is contradictory to what God calls us to do. And to a certain extent, that's what I have been doing up until now. In fact, the word "philquotos" described self-love and self-centeredness to also be an "undue sparing of self" (with the primary concern that things be easy for oneself)...When I intentionally avoid, I am doing this. The focus is on me, making things "easier" for me. It's selfish (ouch again)...

I left the retreat feeling refreshed and charged to LOVE WELL.
And when I returned home, my tired "JOYS" were eagerly waiting for me and I was able to experience firsthand what it feels like to be terribly missed and well-loved.
("Mommy, I missed you so much" was repeated at least 15 times that first half hour I was home)
("You were gone so more than 755 minutes!")

(and even though I was woken up my first night home at 2:30am and 3:30 am by kids with tummy-aches and bad dreams...I think it was because they just missed me and they were glad I was home)
Thankful for the love from my "JOYS."
Thankful for His perfect love.
Ready to pursue a life in LOVING WELL.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

too much time...

what do you get with too much time on your hands?
with too much time together?
after a wonderful relaxing spring break and 10 days together as a family (filled with a trip to the zoo, the movies, the park, swimming, biking, jumping on a new trampoline, game-playing, bbq with friends, and pure fun... )
brayden and brooke had their own thoughts.
here is a photo of brayden's door
(signs created on spring break day #8)
the sign to the left is a picture drawn of a girl with an "X" over her
(no girls allowed)
and the sign to the right is an exception to the rule.
the lego creation on the bottom is "brayden" and also a "door knocker."
nice buddy!
and then we have brooke's door.
"no boys allowed"
with an exception for daddy.
and please note...her signs are hung on her door with none other than ELMER's glue!
that's my creative daughter.

oh yes...
and too much time for a baby unattended=
a lot of wasted baby wipes!
but miles of smiles...
(and bubble blowing)
oh, she is oh so sweet.
melts my heart daily (even on those cranky fussy teething days)
this one's my favorite.
proof that she is still:
"my little slice of yummy
sweeter than most honey.
i think she's kinda funny
cuz she's my little slice of yummy."

I love being a mama of three!
lucky and simply blessed for this calling on my life.