Thursday, April 1, 2010

It has YOUR name on it!

The other day I bought some mini chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields for the kids. I gave Brookie 2 to eat, and in the car on the ride home she asked for another. I told her "No more cookies Brookie...but I think there is a banana at home with your name on it."

When we got home Brooke headed into the kitchen and started looking around the countertops with determination. I bursted out laughing and immediately knew what she was looking for...
a banana that literally had her name on it!

Brooke saw me cracking up, just beside myself, and realizing there was no banana marked "brooke" cried, "Mom, you were lying!" "Mommy, lying is really bad!"
So...Mommy solved the problem and we made a banana that literally had her name on it!
Such sweet innocence.

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