Thursday, April 29, 2010

rest in his arms

needing every bit of strength to make it through this week. each new day has brought on a new trouble of it's own, making an already high stress time seem almost unbearable. thankful for mercies that fall new each morning. thankful for His presence already today. desperate for it to remain.

"because you are my help,
i sing in the shadow of your wings.
my soul clings to you,
your right hand upholds me."
psalm 64:7-8

thankful for this word to be given to me on just this day.
goal today: allow myself to rest in his arms.


  1. thinking about you
    praying for you
    loving you

  2. Oh, sweet one.
    I don't know the hardships, but I love the heart they burden.
    Many prayers coming your way...for you & your man.

    Praying our Sustainer God, the God of all Grace, floods you with his peace & perseverance as you pass through the fires and walk through the floods.

    You are so loved.