Thursday, April 22, 2010

shoes GLORIOUS shoes!

took a trip out to saline today.
great day filled with sunshine, saline, sisters, gram, and shoes!
that's galore!
my sister's lovely mother-in-law cleaned out her closets and was going to donate or give away all of her old shoes from the 80's and 90's. she generously allowed my sisters and i pick of the crop. thank you Sandra! by fate, we wear the same size shoe as her and were like kids in a candy store, grown women playing dress-up in their mom's closet.
we had SO much fun trying on (and playfully fighting over) pumps, flats, and heels of every color and shade ("hottest styles every shoe every color"). even brookie got in on the fun...a bit shy while there, but at home she was ALL about the shoes!
and my ever-so-patient husband agreed to capture my newly acquired shoe collection on camera. see for yourself. i love me some heels!

again, thank you sandra!
today i was a glutton for shoes.
tomorrow i will repent :)
(as for now...if you wear a 7 and 1/2 shoe,
feel free to hit me up for some bright colored pumps!)
what's a girl to do?
shoes GLORIOUS shoes!


  1. how cute are those???!!!??? wish i had smaller feet (bear probably is thinking the same thing)

  2. I shall not covet my neighbor/SuperModel's shoes ... much

    What a little treasure...straight from the heart of the Father just for you, I am quite certain.

    I Love the adorable!

    So I think you should do a post which incorporates a different pair of shoes into an outfit each day of the week for 7 days. This could be really fun!