Wednesday, April 14, 2010

too much time...

what do you get with too much time on your hands?
with too much time together?
after a wonderful relaxing spring break and 10 days together as a family (filled with a trip to the zoo, the movies, the park, swimming, biking, jumping on a new trampoline, game-playing, bbq with friends, and pure fun... )
brayden and brooke had their own thoughts.
here is a photo of brayden's door
(signs created on spring break day #8)
the sign to the left is a picture drawn of a girl with an "X" over her
(no girls allowed)
and the sign to the right is an exception to the rule.
the lego creation on the bottom is "brayden" and also a "door knocker."
nice buddy!
and then we have brooke's door.
"no boys allowed"
with an exception for daddy.
and please note...her signs are hung on her door with none other than ELMER's glue!
that's my creative daughter.

oh yes...
and too much time for a baby unattended=
a lot of wasted baby wipes!
but miles of smiles...
(and bubble blowing)
oh, she is oh so sweet.
melts my heart daily (even on those cranky fussy teething days)
this one's my favorite.
proof that she is still:
"my little slice of yummy
sweeter than most honey.
i think she's kinda funny
cuz she's my little slice of yummy."

I love being a mama of three!
lucky and simply blessed for this calling on my life.


  1. Those pics of Yummy Jo are PRECIOUS! She is so stinkin sweet! And, really? Elmer's glue? WOW! Awesome.

  2. Haha...YummyJo, how adorable is that! Yummy is the perfect word to describe her. Add the Jo, and I'm smitten. Your older too are so funny. Having kids is such a blast, and blessed calling as you said.

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. Siblings, such a blessing! Even when they aren't acting like one. Some day they will cherish this pics. OK, didn't think you could get any better pics of Berlyn, but these are my favs yet. I know I just keep saying that!