Saturday, May 29, 2010

Art Show/Best of Beck Celebration

The month of May has been a whirlwind of celebrations...between birthdays, birthday parties, dance recitals, mother's day, preschool graduation, our anniversary...we have been in nonstop party-mode. Most of my posts for the month of May have been involving Brooke. We joke at home that the month of May should actually be called the month of "Brooke." But it's Brayden's turn today.
Thursday Brayden had his last soccer game of the season.
We finished off this hot evening with a trip to the playground and a little ice cream...
Wednesday evening Brayden had his school Art Show and the "Best of Beck" celebration
(moonwalks, classroom visits, pizza, ice cream social, face-painting, etc.)
Daddy was able to stay for a little bit before heading out for "Honors Night" at his school.
(this has been a very busy month for him at work as well)
We are proud of our little first grader!
Brayden's teacher, Ms. Querro, said that while putting together his portfolio, she just kept saying to herself "He is so adorable!" Glad to hear he can throw on the charm when necessary
(I think he gets that from his daddy)
Grandma stopped in for a few minutes to see Brayden's artwork displayed.
We spent most of the time outside...
on the moonwalks and the playground
(and bumping into families and friends from MCC)

Enjoyed a pizza picnic dinner on the lawn...

And anxiously looked forward to this coming Memorial Day weekend...
where we can slow down a bit from hectic, over-packed schedules...
and celebrate some down-time as a family...
with no major plans or agenda besides relaxing, and enjoying time together.


  1. Go Brayden - you are quite a dude! So proud of you!