Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happiness is Dancing

This past weekend Brooke had her dance recital.
She was so excited for this day.

Before the show...
posing with her pal Rachel...
and a few of her other classmates/girlfriends.
She really seemed to enjoy performing...
and appeared very comfortable on stage...
(even blowing kisses on her way off the stage after her numbers.)
Auntie Em, Wyatt, Natalie and Grandma Jo
traveled afar to watch this little dancing queen.

(Note: Daddy's last ditch attempt to find flowers for his "tiny dancer" in the small town of Almont=a plant)

After the recital, we headed back to our place to have a BBQ and spend a little time together.

The kids played outside the entire time...
throwing water balloons...
eating melty bomb-pops in the hot summer-like sun

being silly...

and having fun.
Another great weekend.
Another fun celebration.
Another chance to spend time with family.
Another memory made; another blessing.


  1. Brookie - you looked beautiful, sweet little Dancing Queen! Great job!

    LOVE the candid pics in the yard - especially the rainbow cutting across the spray in the last one!

  2. Sounds like another great weekend! Love the dancing pictures! I hope you post more soon. :) You look beautiful Brooke, definitely a dancing queen!

  3. Brooke the natural shows through these pics. Glad the night turned out great also.