Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 9th Anniversary!

9 years ago today, i walked down the aisle, veiled, gowned, and full of hopes and dreams...
eager to share a life with this man.

Last night while lying in bed together, Darcy says, "I'm so glad that after 9 years of marriage we are still so in love."
My heart's desire is that 50-60 years from now, while nestled in bed, gray and wrinkled, he'll whisper the same words to me.
I love the life we share together.
Happy Anniversary to the other half that makes me whole.
I was born to love you.
My heart rejoices in this day.


  1. Happy Anniversary form the Beverly Bunch! You are loved!

  2. What a beautiful thing he has said. After all the inevitable disappoints 9 years of life bring, after all the highs and joys, the trials and reality...your love remains sincere, deep, and real. I can't think of a better present than for those whispered words. You two are a inspirational couple, and I know so many look up to your marriage and example. Your love and desire for one another is evident...even in the way you look at each other in ordinary moments. I have been blessed by your love & example. Happy Anniversary to you both! And to many more!

  3. It was a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple! Congratulations and happy anniversary!