Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Birthday Girl!

warning: there are many photos in this post!
(but what can i say? we do birthdays "big" in our family...and my little girl is growing up so fast and becoming more beautiful by the day, i couldn't resist on her special day.)
we started the day bright and early, and even daddy went into work a tiny bit late so he could be part of the early morning festivities.
we sang happy birthday
and opened presents
tried on our new pj's
and got measured
first thing in the morning.
then we played for a bit... got ready for the day
(with time to wiggle and wiggle and wiggle our first loose tooth)
we went to visit daddy at work
and he took his girls out for a birthday lunch
spent some quality time lovin' on his birthday girl.

they surprised a shy brookie with a birthday treat...
and she made a wish ("i wish i was a princess!")
and blew out her candle
shared with daddy
(and by the way brookie, you ARE a princess)
and then we took him back to work, ready for our next adventure:
mama took her girls to partridge creek.
it was a gorgeous day to be at an outdoor be outdoors anywhere!
we played...

and picked out new "dangly" earrings...

then we came home to see brayden off the bus and spent the rest of the afternoon outside
drawing, coloring, and playing
daddy eventually came home from work and his birthday girl insisted he help her get her "hanging by the thread" loose tooth out...he gave it a whirl and here you have it!
the birthday girl received a lot on her birthday, and also lost one very important thing (her first tooth!) what an extra-exciting day!
brookie wanted to go to American Pie for dinner, but since we already went out for lunch that day, we decided to make our own pizzas at home...and she made her favorite American Pie "mac & cheese" pizza.
we sang happy birthday again and enjoyed a very rich and sweet purple and pink hannah montana cake

and then rushed out the door to brayden's soccer game
one last look at the missing tooth...
one last goodbye...
and under the pillow she goes!
to be traded for something silver and shiny
the very next morning...
(an extended birthday blessing)

i hope you had a wonderful 5th birthday. i so very much enjoyed our day together and wouldn't have wished to be doing anything else with anyone else all day long. five years ago on may 6th, my world changed of the best days of my life... to be given the blessing and privilege of having a daughter and being your mommy.
you are beautiful, and i love you darling.


  1. What a wonderful birthday for Lovely Brookie! She is such a beautiful blossom, and I loved all the pictures of her special day. Truly God has blessed her through you & Darcy; I love that you celebrate extravagently. I love that you visit Darcy at work & he takes time out of his workday to take his girl to lunch on her special day. I love that you spent the afternoon together in the sunshine having girl time. And I love celebrations at breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Happy Birthday, Brooke Ryan!! I am praying blessings over your 5th year of life. May you know how incredibly special & adored you are by Jesus through the hearts of your mommy & daddy.

  2. Looks like just a day you and Brooke needed. Love the song you put with it and one special pic of Brooke, what a big girl beautiful in many ways. You always amaze me with your blogs, keep it up

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