Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Little Graduate...

Part One:
Last night Brooke celebrated her preschool graduation.

During class (sometime prior to graduation), the teachers pulled each child out and asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up.
On graduation night, each child's name was called as they stood on the podium while their teacher announced their answer to this question.
(Brooke wanted to be a "Rock Star")
The graduates performed a few songs for the parents...

we watched a slideshow presentation...
and then headed back to the main classroom for snacks, and fun with friends and Rosco the Clown.
Brookie and her best bud Marissa.

(family taking in the fun and celebrating this occasion...)
This year for teacher gifts we decided to give a gift that grows and blooms,
(just as the teachers' helped our little girl to do)
It was an inexpensive and fun gift to make.
I bought the pots and saucers for 75 cents each and let the kids go to town painting them.

We added glitter and a few embellishments and set them out to dry.
I found a few plants ($2.50-$3.00 each) and planted them in the painted pots. Then I used a photo of Brooke and created a little stake to place in each one.

I was really pleased with the finished product...
these gifts were personal, easy, fun, and inexpensive to create.
After the graduation ceremony, Brooke gave one to each of her teachers.
We are so proud of our Little Lamb.
Happy Graduation Brookie!
Part Two:
I had a great time at Brookie's graduation ceremony....happy moments and memories being shared and captured. It didn't all hit me until today. I was at a stop light on my way to take Brooke to school and turned around to snap a shot of her in the backseat, and it dawned on me that this was the very last time I would ever take her to preschool.
She has been my daily sidekick for 5 years now. Next year she will be in all day kindergarten...I will miss her so much. All these thoughts came flooding in and I became a blubbering mess right there in the car. I sobbed the whole way into the school-surprising myself with these unforeseen emotions that completely caught me off guard.
(but managed to snap a shot through my tears of her last walk down the hallway into her classroom with teachers waiting and eager to greet her with a smile)
We've been coming to Little Lambs for 4 years in a row now and these teachers and this program have become dear to our hearts. They have known Brookie since she was a 1 year old- tagging alongside of me when I toted Brayden back and forth to preschool.
Fortunately, I was able to go home to shower and recoup before going back to join Brooke for a Last Day Ice Cream Party.
Superman ice cream seemed to be the hands-down favorite...
Even for yummy (who just discovered how yummy ice cream really is)
She loved it!
And I couldn't leave without a photo of us with Barby and Marissa.
Between Brayden, Jenna, Brooke and Marissa, we've been bumping into each other in the halls for the past four years. Barby is one of my dearest friends...always eager to offer encouragement and to meet the needs of others. This year Barby was a tremendous help to me in sharing carpooling responsibilities and offering to pick Brooke up or drop her off countless times so that I could stay at home to let Berlyn nap. Such a simple thing that meant so much.
And now we will move onto a new phase in our lives...
Kindergarten. School buses. Packed lunches. Recess. ABCs and 123's. New school. New teachers. New friends. New beginnings. A year of growth and wonderment lying ahead...excited to see our little girl spread her wings.
Until then, this mommy will continue to wrestle with the hands of time...will keep learning to "let go" and loosen my grip on things I must...and will cherish the moments I'm given.


  1. OK, now I'M crying ... beautiful. So proud of sweet Brookie!

    Love to you all!

    PS - GO BROOKIE! You are gonna be a GREAT Rockstar!

  2. Great tribute to Brooke and preschool. Great pics and loved your gifts. Nice pic of you, Barby and the girls at the end. Thanks for sharing. We can all blame this on Becky and her suggestion of the "book" right!!!