Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby, Brush your Hair!

Okay, mama's telling me to brush my hair...
Is this what they call a brush?
Let me give it a go...
If I can recall, I think this is what she does...
Okay, I've got this...

Easy as pie...
Oh yeah...I'm a pro!

Yep, it's still a brush!

Wait a sec...this hand and these knuckles look just like mine...
Hmmm...I just can't seem to reach them?
How's about a hug?
Ok...let's go back to brushing
(that baby in the mirror obviously is not cooperating with me)
Look Mommy, I can do it with this hand too!
Oh yeah...I'm good at this.
All clean; all pretty!
Baby's all done!
Now it's Daddy's turn!


  1. OMG how adorable. You are such a good journalist of your life. I love these pics. I can't believe she is combing her hair already. Love that hair BTW