Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Date Night...

Darcy called on his way home from work yesterday; it was a short day for him and we were excited that he was coming home early. When I told Brookie that Daddy was on his way home she said, "Right now? Well, actually I need to go put on some lip gloss so I will look beautiful for Daddy." And she darted upstairs to her bedroom to do so.
I think Darc was touched by this gesture because when I told him, he said, "How about I take Brooke out on a date tonight."
So, he asked Brooke if she had any evening plans and then told her to go put on something special because he was going to take her out on a date. She chose her flapper girl costume with full feather headpiece, beads, her Christmas shoes (and more lip gloss). What a beauty!
Daddy took her out "as is" for a little dinner and shopping. A trip to the local Coney Island and the Dollar Store and this little girl was in heaven. Such a simple girl to please.
Coney Island dinner: maybe $12.00...Dollar Store damage: maybe $5.00. Time with Daddy: priceless.
These moments of daddy-daughter time truly warm more heart.

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  1. Well, is she not just lovely? Sweet thing - and sweet moments with her daddy.