Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend...

Warning: this post contains many a photo!
We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed time alone as a family of 5, time with friends, and time with extended family. I won't write much but will let the pictures do the talking...and I'll break things down by day.
Darcy had the day off. Our family of 5 took our first boat outing of the season. It was Berlyn's first time on the boat too. We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and had dinner on the water.

(yes, it's a snake! Brayden found it slithering around on the dock at the restaurant)
(then it slithered down into the water. MAJOR hee-bee jeebies!)
(lulled by the boat motor, fresh air and smooth ride home)
A beautiful well-needed family day.
We had our good friends, the Kneppers', and lovely Jenni Button over for a BBQ dinner, root beer float dessert, bon fire, a little fun and play for the kids and a little euchre for the adults.

On a whim, my sister Emily, her husband Nate, and my niece and nephew (Wyatt & Natalie) came out to go boating for the afternoon. We took the boat to Metro Beach for the day and enjoyed another sunny gorgeous day.

(one of the kiddos took this photo of em and i)

Another day tuckered out on the water.
Darcy and I were in a euchre tournament Sunday night and the kids had their very first ever babysitter...the lovely Amanda Dodge! Poor Berlyn (not feeling good baby) cried the whole time. Hard to be away from her, but glad she was in good hands. My heart still hurts a tiny bit thinking about it.
Over the weekend Darcy and I alternated going for runs/bike rides. Monday I was able to sneak out for a run and then Darcy went out for a long ride. While he was gone I took the three kids to Lifetime's outdoor pool. Our first time for the season. Berlyn's first time in the outdoor pool. It was so relaxing. I wasn't sure how I'd do with all three kids on my own at the pool, but we had a great time and I can't wait to do it again. Berlyn loved it!
Later that afternoon we went over to visit extended family. We BBQ'd at Dana and Dennis' home with their 3 kids (Jackson, Aidan and Abigail). We love spending time together. Another wonderful afternoon and evening.

This weekend we were able to enjoy some of the finer things in life...
we were kissed by the sun and got a taste of many blessings:
fellowship, friendship, fun, family and freedom.
Thankful for those in service who sacrifice their lives (and their families too) to fight for our freedoms and for this beautiful blessed country we are all privileged to live in.
Happy Memorial Day

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  1. What a FUN weekend! So glad you got that sweet time together. I missed you on Sunday, but - CLEARLY - you were in the right place.