Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yahweh by Tal & Acacia 720p.mov

My sister introduced me to this group and recently Darcy downloaded this song for me. I've played it over and over again. Yesterday, Brookie and I spent a while in her bedroom dancing for the Lord...freely offering up our praises and pressing repeat over and over again.
As I simply Praise
My Lord I cry
Jehovah Elohim
The Lord Most High
and When my hands are raised
My Knees they fall
As I simply Praise
This song will definitely bring you to a place of praise and adoration for our "Yahweh." You'll want to "sit simply at His feet" and "dance, dance, dance..." for Him. Soak Him in and Enjoy!

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  1. Uhh ... gonna need me some of that ... you KNOW how I like my praise music!