Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 4th of July Weekend...

On the actual 4th of July we started out the day celebrating our freedom by attending church together as a family. We took in a Good Word this morning as Mike spoke the truth about Unstoppable Faith. We were also reminded of the depth of our freedom in Christ. Thankful this day and this week for God's voice and for being within the sound of it. Learning more about His character over the past few weeks and sorely reminded of my own flawed character. Relieved that I'm still clay in the Potter's hands.
To backtrack a bit, we began our 4th of July weekend with a bang!
On Friday we took the boat out to one of our favorite destinations on Lake St. Clair:
SeaWay Island
It was a practically perfect July summer day.

SeaWay Island is a quiet remote place on the lake that our family has grown to cherish...Our own private getaway. Large freighter ships go by from time to time causing the shoreline to gently retreat and then pour back in with mighty force. Perfect to catch a wave on a board. Equally exciting and intimidating; the force has caused many to tumble 'round and about like an underwater twister and has beached many a boat that wasn't anchored far enough from shore.
Berlyn loved her first taste of SeaWay Island.

I have pictures of Brooke here as a baby in this very same bonnet, on this very same beach, holding a small beachball with her own chubby little hands.

Grandpa is doing a good job adjusting to his new retirement schedule.

And there's nothing like ending a perfect day
cozied up fireside next to the one you love.

Saturday we were honored to attend Hannah Caulley's wedding.
It was fun to get prettied up and watch two beautiful young people pledge their love to one another. Unfortunately, after we arrived I took one photo and my camera battery died.
Thankful for the freedom I was given in choosing Darcy to be my husband and life partner...and for God's hand in orchestrating our lives together.

We spent Sunday afternoon with our good friends and kin (The Ayotte's)

Needless to say...it was a great time had by all.

Me and my lovely and beautiful friend Dana...
one who is always there for me and has a heart of gold. She teaches me how to be a better friend; a great example of being selfless and giving.

Yummy girl enjoyed this toy car/walker...she thought she was hot stuff.

Looking as sweet as can be in her patriotic dress
(thank you Grammy Jo!)

The kids danced and sang to their VBS songs on the big screen outside...
The wide open deck was their dance floor. Even I couldn't refuse.

We enjoyed some late night fireworks...

and sparklers.
It was a fabulous fourth.

The things to be thankful for are seemingly measureless.
Still fathoming the depth of my freedom.
Happy Independence Day!


  1. Great weekend. Ours was lazy but full of fun too. Gotta love that.

    And Yummy's thighs ... delish.

  2. looks like a fantastic weekend. I love all of the captured moments - so much beauty in print.
    that little island sounds AMAZING!! a little treasure - a secret get-away just for your family. I think we'd sail away there as often as we could!