Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In a place...

I'm in a place where I am anxiously and patiently waiting to hear God's voice...and earnestly seeking it daily. A place where I am utterly excited and equally scared...where fear evaporates as the winds of faith blow in and recapture my heart. A place where I'm aware that I can't trust my own heart or my dreams or my I lean into Him for certainty that it is indeed His will that I am following....I'm in a place where I am fully trusting in His plan for our lives (regardless of the outcome)...and confident that nothing will be for loss because my heart for Him will just grow nearer...and that eclipses any wish or dream I could hold.

A place where my heart feels raw and vulnerable and alive...A place where I am keenly aware of where I've been...and completely grateful for His mercy along the way. A place where faith trumps logic and His quiet voice is clear and exact, gentle and unbroken. A place where I am facedown in need of His direction and open to be infused with anything from Him. A place where the communication is fluent enabling me to discern and know when it is Him speaking...A place where I tenderly hold onto His voice and tuck it away as treasure (to ponder later and yearn for more)...A place where His Word is my daily bread, relevant and necessary to my soul.

I wouldn't call this a mountaintop...I wouldn't call this a valley...It's a place of availability and dependency, of obedience and hope. A place where I am earnestly trying to surrender all and hoping not to disappoint. A place where I fall short daily, but keep getting up with the anticipation of one day being called His good and faithful servant...

This is a good place...I am resting in it.

"Ah, Sovereign LORD, You made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You."
~Jeremiah 32:17


  1. I love it..."a place where faith trumps logic." I am also in a place where I anxiously await God's voice and plan. Too often I keep trying to figure it out, plan and orchestrate. But I love the beautiful peace that comes over me when I am reassured that He is in control and is working ALL things for my good. Thanks for the reminder today!!

  2. Are you trying to decide if you should move to Seattle to?

  3. Sorry, it should be "too" not "to"! :) Right? I don't know, my brain stopped working when I heard the word "relocate!"

  4. I love ya girl and am here for wahtever you need. (((hugs)))

  5. what a marvelous place to be. i had to return to reread your post - your imagery beautiful, the emotion tangible. i love the spectrum of the heart you describe, your vulnerability & sensitivity to the Spirit's whisper as well as your own inner tendencies.

    I would agree - this is a good place. I am so looking forward to watching your journey as God faithful calls you on to bigger & bolder steps of faith.