Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast Date

Saturday morning Daddy took Brookie out on a breakfast date. I love to watch her get ready for her dates with Daddy. This morning she chose a plaid sundress, Mommy's black sequin scarf, and her 4th of July flip-flops. Restaurant of choice: "Poney Island."
I took Brooke to Claire's earlier in the week and let her pick something out. We were there FORever! She just could not decide...too many choices! But she settled on this necklace. It reminds me of my jewelkade necklace that has the kids names engraved on the charms. She also chose this "pupcake" charm to go with it. When we left the store and were walking back through Partridge Creek to the car, she looked at me, took her necklace in her little hands and very seriously said, "When Daddy dies I am going to wear this."
There is no mistaken that she is her Daddy's girl.
No matter what they matter where they go...
she's always in the perfect place when she is with her daddy.


  1. How Blessed we are to have these amazing men who take their little girls hearts so seriously that they have chosen to prepare them for the men that will someday steal them away.

    And, of course, they take pretty good care of their BIG girls (and their hearts) too.

    Awww, yes, Blessed indeed.

  2. Her little comment is too funny! How surprising & adorable the things that go through their minds! And it warmed my heart to hear her call her charm "pupcake"...that's exactly what Belle calls cupcakes as well. Belle asked for a necklace just like mommy's for her birthday with judah, mommy, & daddy engraved on it. She's always begging to wear mine. Looks like Brookie got a nice one to mirror her Momma's too!