Saturday, August 28, 2010

birthday girl's special day...

Much to my dismay, I decided not to have a birthday party this year for Berlyn. It was too difficult coordinating 5 different sets of family and their schedules, and with Darcy's new job, (he has been working many long days and nights and wouldn't be around) just didn't seem the season in life for us to do a big birthday party (as much as every creative bone in my body longed to do it).
So, I decided we would celebrate (just the 5 of us) on her actual birthday (even if it meant early in the morning before Daddy had to go into work) and I would still bake Beryln a special cake, make her a birthday banner, and would even put up a few balloons and decorations for her. I racked my brain trying to figure out what special cake I could make her and the Saturday before her birthday (as I was rocking her to sleep and reading her favorite story to her) it dawned on me! My yummy loves, loves, loves "Pat the Bunny" a "Pat the Bunny" birthday cake was exactly what I planned to bake her! Once I had this idea set, I had fun with it and was even able to get out a little creative energy in the process :)
Perceiving my disappointment in not being able to throw Berlyn a big 1st birthday party, a couple of my very intuitive and thoughtful friends approached me a few days before her birthday and asked if they could come over the day of her actual birthday to bring her some birthday cheer. I was thrilled with the idea and all I had to do was bake an extra batch of cupcakes! And so, an impromptu birthday party was brought to us!..making this a very special day indeed, and reminding me that God knows our hearts, our needs, our desires and He uses special people in our lives to bring the joy, encouragement and love we need at just the right time. My heart was touched by the generosity and simple acts of these dear girlfriends of mine.
Here is a video of our baby girl's special day...Enjoy!


  1. So glad you were able to celebrate your baby girl on her big day. How very thoughtful of your friends to get together & shower Berlyn (and her mama) with the day they longed for. And such beautiful little touches & a perfect theme. The cake was lovely & the cupcakes adorable. I loved the photo of Berlyn giving the 'i love u' sign...i bet Barby loved that too!

  2. How fun! I love how creative you are. Berlyn is so adorable a Pat the Bunny theme is just perfect for her! (Kaylee's 1st birthday photos include her opening a Pat the Bunny Book too!)