Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Baby is One Today

You have blessed our lives each and every one of the 365 days that you've been here. We've loved you since before you drew your first breath...since you were an idea, a hope, a dream, and our deepest heart's desire. You make our family complete, gifting us with joy and reminding us daily of God's providence.

We love you for your wet and stingy kisses;
your King Kong moves as you go into every room innocently ready to conquer and destroy;
your chubby tan lines between each roll of precious baby skin;
for your fuzzy comb-over hair
and relentless quest to empty every cupboard in the house;
We love you for your simple love of books and your enthusiasm in doing
all things "Paul & Judy"
(like patting the bunny, feeling daddy's scratchy face, putting your finger in mummy's ring and nosediving into the book to smell the flowers);
I even love your wet little head peeking around the shower curtain getting soaked and flooding the floor beneath you in every effort to keep mommy in your sight even while I am showering;
for your compulsiveness to climb stairs and stand in an open fridge;
for your love of cheetos, icecream and bananas,
and your distaste for all things green and healthy;
for your willingness to smile and "cheese" for the camera
(showing your true Schrieber spirit);
and your loud grizzly roar (and sometimes never ceasing whine;)
for your babble and giggle and determined spirit;
for your inclination to call all dogs "Darla;"
We love you for your wobbly walk and your speedy crawl;
for your forehead-to-carpet tantrums and your boneless acts of protest;
for your conquest of all things forbidden
(like sunblock, cell phones, keys, remotes, and legos);
for your adoration of your big brother and the outdoors;
We love you for the extra chaos and abundant joy that has overwhelmed our hearts and our home and has pieced together a family that is whole.
Thank you darling for all that you are and all that God is preparing you to be.
Always remember, before you had a being in this world, you had a being in His heart.
May you keep Him closely kept in yours and be a mirror
for His beauty to the world.
Happy Birthday beautiful one.


  1. Happy Birthday Yummy Jo ... and tell that mama of yours she can stop main me cry now!


  2. Happy Birthday Berlyn! She is so sweet, it has been a pleasure watching her grow from afar!

  3. Ok, sniff sniff, can't believe how much she has grown. Love that smiley, happy babe.