Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekend Getaway-Part 2: Our CIELO

This post is dedicated to our weekend getaway to Lake Michigan ("post-race"). It was simply beautiful, refreshing, restoring, and exactly what our family needed. The week before Darcy's race was by far the most mentally challenging and exhausting weeks he has had. With this new career change, he has had to become licensed. He spent the entire week before the race studying for two major exams. He took one on Wednesday and passed, and the final one (most difficult) was taken on Thursday (my birthday). He passed this one as well, surpassing his first exam score~ giving me the best birthday present ever! Many people have to take these exams 2 to 3 times before passing, so we were so relieved he passed and so thankful to have that chapter of our journey over. I was so proud of him, and so thankful for God's provision during this time.
And, needless to say, Darcy's 1/2 ironman tri was by far the most exhausting physical challenge of his life. To sum it all up, the last week in July was the most mentally and physically exhausting time for Darcy. With all of the days and hours spent training and studying, it was tiring for me as well to have him away so much.
This post-race getaway was peace to our souls and tremendous refreshment to our spirits.
We rented this quaint little cottage that was nestled back in the woods, tucked around the corner with direct access to the beach.
We delighted in the fact that it was appropriately named "Cielo"
It truly felt like a slice of heaven.
[and to me it felt like God's handprint, His favor on our lives, through (once again), even the smallest of details]
I'll let the rest of these photos speak for themselves, telling the story of our weekend "Cielo" in illustrative form.

(every household needs one of these...sure beats bending over a bathtub!)

I was blessed to sneak off to the beach our last morning, before anyone awoke. Just me, my cup of Joe, and time with my Father. I walked in quietness, listening to the song of the lake bestilling my heart. At one point, I looked across the water, at it's vastness where I could see no end...and I thought to myself, this is exactly as His love is for me
~ there is no end.
I reflected on His goodness. How He makes all things new. and good.
My heart is full.
And with all of the frightful and exciting things ahead of us...
I am committing to always love Him and seek Him first and best.
To loosen my grip on all earthly things and yearn for and store up all things "Cielo."
Blessed to be a child after His heart.


  1. Speechless after the last two posts-

    So proud of you all for "taking the plunge", leaving the comfort of the known, and following where you feel Christ is leading. We have been wrestling in our own 'desert of decision'...and know first hand how taunting the unknowns can seem. It is hard to do what seems crazy to others to follow where God leads.

    And speechless after such a beautiful narrative of your own Sabbath delight. I love the moments you captured, especially the profile of you & Berlyn. We are considering a quick last minute trip to Lake Michigan ourselves. Phil & Mistey are from a town right on Lake M. - Ludington. They are there this weekend & offered to watch our kids on our anniversary (Friday) so we can celebrate. It would be a quick trip, but from the looks of your would be worth the drive!

    And as a little bonus - look at the beautiful farmhouse sink!!!...hopeful one day to bathe my own baby in my sink..(which for now, sits upside-down in our condo garage).

  2. What a great little cottage. The farmhouse sink with the little skirt around the bottom sure brought back memories! As well as the wooden porch steps & wicker rocking chair. But the picture that really made my heart skip a beat was the one of Brayden and Brooke with their arms around each other looking out onto Lake Michigan. Do you remember when you and Jeff did the same thing standing on a rock, looking out toward Drummond Island in Lake Huron? I think it was Summer of 1979. I have so many memories of when you were little -- I'm so glad you have journaled the 3B's childhood - not just for my enjoyment, but so they will have lasting memories of growing up in a family that LOVES them (and that includes me)!!!

  3. Great little place, much better than the over priced hotel room right? Great pics as always. Captured Lake MI well. Love the one of you and Berlyn looking at the lake with the flower in your hair. Really pretty!

  4. Wow! I just have to say your last 2 posts have been such an encouragement to me. There are so many times that we feel we are in a time of silence but then they are those little glimmers of hope of God shines through. I hope everything works out on your new adventure.
    You probably don't know me but I'm Barry & Kim Baldwin's daughter and I have loved reading your blog! You are such an encouragement!!