Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first day...

We had a very excited household this morning...
Both kids woke up with smiles.
First day of kindergarten and first day of second grade.
Brookie actually slept in her own bed all night last night...
Getting ready for bed she announced,
"I'm going to sleep in my own bed because I have a big day tomorrow!"

the bus arrived 10 minutes early this morning...
so they made an excited mad dash to catch it!
(along with half the neighborhood)

my sweet boy
darcy and i drove to school to meet them and take them into their classrooms.
it was the first time darcy has been around for this...
normally their first day of school has traditionally been his students' first day of school.
one of the perks of his new job is the fact that he will get to see the kids most mornings and be there to send them off. i appreciate this so much too...
and it starts our days off right
(being all together as a family)

big brother taking care of his little sister on the bus
and in the school

no jitters today from either of them...
just pure excitement.

brookie meeting mrs. tash

brayden meeting mrs. nawrocki
(mommy snapping one last shot through the classroom window)
this moment meant everything to me...
my loves running into my arms to share all of their "first day" stories with me
there surely is no place like home!


  1. Glad they had a great first day!

  2. I love the pictures of them running to you. Ahhh, I remember the feeling when my own babies ran to me after school. Enjoy it while you can, mine no longer "run to me" because they are too busy being "run to".
    Mama Jo

  3. All smiles in these first day pics. They don't show any hesitation if there was any. Love the end of the day pic with them both running to you. Those are great mommy moments.

  4. Beautiful! So glad they had a good day. LOVE them running to you. Perfection!