Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go Gators! Go Goblins!

It's been all I can do to keep my head on straight this soccer season.
Both Brayden and Brooke play for teams that start with "G"
(Gators and Goblins)
and have green jerseys.
Brookie plays on Tuesdays and Bray plays on Thursdays,
so even the days of the week they have games begin with the same letter.
They also both play on Saturdays. I have been known to chant "Go Gators" at a Goblins game and "Go Goblins" at a Gators game.
Thankfully, my mistake has been caught sometime during 1st quarter (usually by one of my children) and I am able to correctly cheer for the right team for the remainder of the game.
This is Brookie's first year of playing soccer,
so I have a lot of photos of her.
Are these not the sweetest freckles ever?
1/2 time snack and end of the game treat
are her favorite parts about soccer.

In the middle of her second game, she began crying in the middle of the field.
I asked her what was wrong and through streams of tears she cried out,
"I don't know how to play soccer Mommy!"
It was so sweet. She was mistaking the parents on the sidelines (including myself) who were yelling, "Go, Go! Kick the ball that way! Turn it around! Other way, other way! Get in there! Kick the ball!" (etc.) to mean that she was doing everything wrong.
Our intended encouragement raised a lot of anxiety in this first-timer.
I wish I would have had my camera at that game. (It was very cute)
Sine then, she has quickly recovered and has become somewhat interested and
committed to the game.

Daddy has been able to catch a couple, and it means all the world to her to
"make him proud."

She has been known to chew on her braids throughout an entire game.

And has had more than enough fun on and off the field.

I think we are going to try to keep her in soccer,
hoping as she grows she will develop a love for the sport.
(cuz it's great exercise and she does look pretty darn cute in that uniform!)
Go Brookie!
Go Gators!

And then we have Brayden.
I don't have many photos of him primarily because at most of his games I have been alone with all the kids chasing Berlyn (who is notorious for running onto the field over and over and over again). It's been too much to snap photos and keep an eye on her. Plus, Bray is in U8 Soccer this year and the games are a lot faster-paced and action-packed. Stopping to take photos means you risk the chance of catching a good play. And let me tell you, it is exciting to watch him play!
Another reason I do not have many photos of Brayden is because he is getting to that age where he does not want Mommy to take his photo in front of other people.
This is what I got when I asked him to stand in front of his team banner and smile.
"Brayden, smile for me honey!"
"Brayden, smile! Look at the camera buddy!"
(OK...I think I tortured him enough)
Go Brayden!
Go Goblins!
...And I do have a post coming soon dedicated all to this little boy.
(it will include a couple of photos just as the ones above where we have a timid, embarrassed little guy waiting for mom to stop already!)
A couple more weeks of soccer.
A couple more weeks of keeping this ol' head on straight!
Go Gators! Go Goblins!


  1. Agreed - sweetest freckles ever!

    I loved this post! Grinned & giggled my way through each Goblin & Gator photo.

    Keeping the kiddos in soccer for the long haul is a pretty great idea...what other sport causes children to sprint & run for an hour straight and calls it fun?! I never played, but Aron did & he was really good. He broke state records, but decided he rather focus on music than play college soccer. And besides all the health benefits of this sport, I think you will most definately be the cutest soccer mom Michi has ever seen!

  2. Rachel chews on her pigtails too! How funny. Really great picture (second to last) of beauty Brooke. You can look great and play sports too!