Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last Summer Getaway...

This past weekend we were invited by our dear friends, the Ayotte's, to visit them and stay part of the weekend at their rented lakehouse on Hiland Lake in Pinckney, Michigan. It was connected to several other quaint lakes and gave the impression that we were smack dab in the middle of an ol' Louisiana marsh! Green, green and more green to spare...A surprisingly nice change from the vast larger Michigan lakes we've been accustomed to visiting this year.
Here's the story of our last summer getaway:

the kids went kayaking with grandpa and proudly picked lilly flowers and lilly pads
(or "hearts" as brookie said)
for their mama

berlyn after she chucked her hair "pretty" into the lake where it disappeared and never resurfaced.

dana and abby
dennis showing berlyn the "fishies"
we had to pass through this small tunnel to reach Half Moon Lake...
we had to duck when we went through and the kids got a big kick out of this.
best of friends (and actual cousins somewhere down the line)

driving the boat with dennis
it was incredibly hot this day...
we parked out in the shade for much of the day

darcy was such a good sport this weekend...a bit immobile after his "procedure,"
but still fun and in good spirits
abigail,, aidan, brooke, brayden and jackson
jackson and brayden
"i'll race ya!"

grandparents and grandchildren...
soaking in the sun and laughs

the lakehouse we stayed in...
it was completely modern and renovated inside...
very nice and comfortable!
our gang
the gangs together
the car ride home...
It's been a summer of good friends, good times and great family time.
Wondering what's in store for next year?

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  1. Nice pics. Got a lot packed in the short time you were there. Great picture of you and Dayna.