Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Birthday Boy!

Last Monday Brayden celebrated his 7th birthday.
We have had a major case of "POKEMON" fever in our house over the past few months. Brayden has been asking for anything and everything "POKEMON." He wanted a POKEMON birthday party, a POKEMON birthday cake, and POKEMON presents.
Such simple desires spilling from the heart of 7 year old boy.
On his actual birthday, we celebrated as a family.
(His "big" birthday party with friends wasn't until Saturday...
Hang tight! You'll see at the end of this post)
Mommy brought Brayden a special McDonald's Happy Meal lunch
to school that day.
(These are the photos I was telling you about previously...
look at this sweet embarrassed little face that emerged when I wanted to take his picture)
(He was looking around to see if anyone was watching him)
(I'm sensing an urgency here to quickly snap the shot)
And then I asked to take one more photo and he agreed, but sheepishly smiled behind his Happy Meal box...
(and look closely in the background, It's a Nugent, "Hi Nicole!")
I must admit, my heart stung a little bit as I walked out those school doors. This to me was a mark of what is to son is growing up, and those days of public affection and "needing mommy" are limited!

Since Jackson and Aidan were going out of town and were going to miss Brayden's birthday party, we invited them to have dinner and cake with us on Brayden's actual birthday.
His birthday dinner wish: "American Pie Company" (pizza buffet)
When we got to the restaurant we discovered they were closed on Mondays! What a bummer! But, our birthday boy had a great backup plan...we ordered pizzas and had everyone come back to our house for dinner. It actually worked out better because the kids were able to play longer, and everyone was able to relax and socialize.

Brayden specifically wanted a "PIKACHU" birthday cake.
Mommy did her best with the design.
It pleased the birthday boy and tasted good!
While singing "Happy Birthday" we changed our "cha-cha-cha's" to "Pi-ka-chu's!"
Everyone got a kick out of this!
(especially the birthday boy)
I love being your mom. I tell you often that, "Out of all the little boys in the world, if I could only pick one, just one, I would always always choose YOU...because you are my favorite!"
I love you past heaven and matter what! And God does too. I love seeing that heart of yours grow in your knowledge and love for Jesus and life. You are a joy, dear son. My heart spills over with love for you.
You remind me daily to enjoy life, to have fun and to live in the moment.
God knew I needed you just as much as you needed me!

The video below caps Brayden's "Backyard Campout" party we just had for him on Saturday. Darcy did a fabulous job coming up with games and all things that delight the hearts of boys.


  1. Yaaaay! I love it!!
    Every detail.
    The nap sack treat bags - oh so sweet - what a perfect little boy touch. The made me think of Huck Fin:)
    And nice job, Darcy, on those games! The boys looked like they were having the time of their lives. I especially love the picts of Brayden & Wyatt.
    Loved the invites (his little head poking out of the tent), and nice work on the pokemon cake.
    A Schrieber family masterpiece!
    Happy Birthday, Brayden!

  2. Great job on the party as always. The cake turned out great, better than you made it out to be. Just remember mom, he may not always show it, but he'll always need you.

  3. Sorry I missed saying it sooner, but happy birthday Brayden!!